Junior Prospect-two offers and counting

Lamarr Houston Jr. might be the top prospect in the state of Colorado next year. He is a player that has the size to be a fullback, defensive end, defensive tackle, or a middle linebacker in college. Houston Jr. already claims two written scholarship offers and breaks down his interest in a few of the schools that have been sending correspondence.

Height: 6-3 ½
Weight: 255
40 time: 4.75
Bench: 285
Squat: 450
Clean: 250
From: Colorado Springs, Colorado
High School: Doherty

As a sophomore, Houston Jr. was named first team all-conference at linebacker and second team all-area as a defensive lineman. He carried the ball 111 times for 776 yards and 10 touchdowns and also had 142 yards receiving. On defense, he had 38 tackles and three sacks. As a junior, he was one of three juniors to be named first team all-state. He was on the list as a linebacker. The Colorado Springs star was also named first team all-conference at linebacker and fullback. He had 70 rushes for 779 yards and 11 touchdowns. On defense, he had 100 tackles, three fumble recoveries, and two sacks.

With those kinds of numbers, it is no surprise that many out-of-state schools are already taking notice. "I have handwritten offers from Arizona State and Nebraska," said Houston Jr. "I am also getting stuff from Texas, UCLA, Notre Dame, Colorado, and Colorado State. I really don't have any interests yet. I need to take a closer look at all of the schools and see what they have to offer."

Schools have not specified where they like Houston Jr. yet, and he could play a variety of positions. "I think I could be a fullback, but I need to get a little faster. Right now my guess would be that I will play at defensive end or inside linebacker, we'll see."

He was born in San Francisco and lived there before moving to Sacramento for five years. He eventually moved to Colorado around the age of ten. His California roots make UCLA an appealing option. "They have a great tradition there all-around. It is a very well-rounded school athletically. They have many competitive sports teams at UCLA."

Arizona State is a school he was impressed with this season. "They came out and dominated at first and then had a couple rough games. But, they did end up bouncing back and have had a good season."

There is a chance that his teammate and good friend, Shaun Dewitty, could end up in Tempe or Westwood. "Shaun and I are pretty good friends. I might want to go where he goes. I am not sure where he will end up though. He has been pretty quiet about that."

Nebraska is a place Houston Jr. has a natural affinity for since Doherty shares in a Cornhusker ritual. "We also have the blackshirts here. That is what my coach calls our defense. Nebraska is a school with great tradition. They had a fluke year this year and I would expect them to bounce back next season."

He thinks Colorado could be building something. "They started playing better as the year went on. They seem like they are trying to build their tradition and their program."

Houston Jr. is a long ways from listing any leaders, but he did grow up watching one team play. "I have always liked Texas A&M for some reason. That is also my dad's favorite school. My mom doesn't have any favorites. She did have a cousin who was a running back at Stanford, but she also doesn't follow a certain school."

The versatile athlete breaks down his talent. "I just use my god-given talent to make plays. I stay in shape for football by doing other sports like track and basketball. I have good agility and quickness. I have great strength, that might be my best asset. I also have real good speed for my size."

He carries a 2.9 core GPA and will take his SAT in February. Houston Jr. would like to major in Business Law or Psychology.

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