OT sets one up for Nebraska

Nebraska is narrowing their search a bit in trying to find some offensive tackles to finish off one of their best recruiting classes, ever and one of the best classes in the nation. Their latest target takes them across the Missouri River into Iowa where they have their sites set one of the best tackles in the Midwest.

Things don't always slow down for football recruits around the holidays in the dead period. For Matt Pipho it is coming off one sport and heading into another. The 6-foot-6 and 260 pound Pipho stars at two sports at LaPorte City (Iowa) Union High School.

"I am staying busy with Christmas stuff and basketball practice," Pipho said. "We're 5-3 right now. I play center."

Pipho seems to have some things narrowed down in terms of college football. He has already taken one official and has the other four set up.

"I have already taken one to Oregon. It went really good. Everyone out there is really nice. The facilities were really nice. The town it seems would be easy to get used to."

"I am going to Stanford on January 7, Miami on January 14, Oklahoma on January 21 and Nebraska on January 26. I am looking for overall development in a school. How much better of a student and of a player can a place make me."

To this point each school and coach contacting Pipho have left an impression with him, that they are all good at doing their job. "They are all real good at doing what they do. They are people persons. They are all real good at their jobs."

Another part that Pipho has taken notice of is the business of college football. In recruiting a player must look at a school's facilities and everyone talks about the money that is going back into the program and the facilities. "That is just amazing that they spend that much money on the football team."

Noticeably absent from any list that Pipho may give you are the Iowa in-state schools. "Iowa State has really shown a lot of interest. I think that I would rather have more interest in the out-of-state schools. Iowa really hasn't shown me a lot of interest."

Pipho has a pretty impressive list of offers. Out of all of the official visits that he has either taken or has planned he has offers from all except Oklahoma.

"All of them except Oklahoma have offered. Oklahoma said that they are pretty sure that they are going to offer me pretty soon. The offer from Nebraska is a verbal. They said that if I take a visit there that I would have an offer."

Nebraska had to close some ground as they found themselves on the outside looking in for an official visit from Pipho just a week ago. "Coach Downing has been the coach that has been recruiting me a little bit, but mainly Coach Wagner."

"Coach Wagner is originally from Iowa we have a little bit in common. He seems like a really good guy and he is their line coach. One of the biggest positives about Nebraska is early playing time. They have a lot of spots opening up. Also, they are the only school that is really within driving distance for me. It's about a four and a half-hour drive."

While this is the dead period, it is anything but for Pipho. He has a lot to think about going into the backstretch of the recruiting game and with 4 officials in the month of January before a decision. Big Red Report will keep you posted on the latest!

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