Does Saban effect signing-day decision for Harris?

Nick Saban leaving for the NFL was probably a head-turner for many of the Tiger faithful. With seemingly a dynasty in the making down in Bayou-country, why would Saban take the road that has often crushed the careers of successful college coaches? More importantly now, though, is what effect does it have on recruiting? Nic Harris said that he already knew where he was going before this, but we caught up with him to see if Saban leaving effected his impending signing day decision.

LSU has already lost one commit in four-star safety, Chris Keys. There are others that also hang by a very tenuous thread.

Nic Harris, another one of the best safeties in the country, had LSU on his final top five, stating that he already knew where he was going, but wasn't going to announce it until signing-day arrives.

Because LSU is on Harris' short list, the question begs about Saban leaving and how (if at all) that changes Harris' signing-day decision. "Oh, it doesn't." Nic said. "Not at all."

Harris was one of many that when he heard about Saban accepting the job to join the Miami Dolphins paused barely as he wasn't shocked in the least. "I figured he would go." Nic said. "Kind of hard to turn down the pros and that kind of money."

Harris, like LSU commit, defensive end - Alfred Jones, whom we talked to yesterday has heard the name of former Cleveland Brown coach and Miami Hurricane coach, Butch Davis as the leading candidate for the job.

It still doesn't effect his decision. "Well, my top five is still LSU, Texas A&M, Nebraska, Michigan and Oklahoma." Harris said. "This situation with them doesn't change a thing."

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