One more hint from Henderson?

And the hits just keep on coming. Or, should I say "hints". That's been the M.O. for one of the nation's best defensive ends, Raymond Henderson as he said he knew where he was going, but wasn't going to say who, opting to follow the trend of many others, announcing his decision at the U.S. Army All-American Bowl. We talked to him tonight. Could we squeeze another hint out of him?

Ok, first it was "I like the color black".

That hint from Oak Creek defensive end, Raymond Henderson sent both Iowa and Nebraska fans into a frenzy.

Iowa, being the obvious, but Nebraska, while the nickname for their defense is well-known, I personally wasn't sure if he for a fact knew just what the name was, a label passed on for NU's defensive units for the last 30+ years.

So, I asked.

(laughing) "Yeah, I know what they are called." Raymond said. "I heard all about them when I made my trip down there."

You'll have to forgive me for asking, but Raymond laughed some more, because while my intent was innocent enough, he's seen all kinds of tactics in trying to get him to divulge just who that fortunate team could be.

"Everyone has questions they think that will get the answer." Raymond said. "I'm just going to hold off until it's time to announce."

About his announcement, Henderson's list could very well look like the lists of some of the other prominent players that are planning to make their decision down in San Antonio as well. Being one that doesn't mind a show, Henderson pondered the idea of finding those that are going where he's going and possibly all of them pulling out the same helmet, hats or whatever, simultaneously.

"That's something that would be cool." He said. "I haven't thought about that much at all, though, because I don't know who is thinking about going where. I just know where I am going to go."

Ok, how about another hint? How about one more tiny morsel that could get Husker and Hawkeye fans going again or give fans from schools like Tennessee new hope?

Henderson politely declined. "I give anymore hints, everyone is going to know." He said. "Everyone just has to wait now until the game."

And we will, because we can and because of's partnership with the U.S. Army All-American game, we will be right there when it happens, but we will be there all week as everyone prepares for high school football's best game. An entire week's worth of video interviews, sound bytes, photo galleries, everyday for the entire week building up to the actual game.

Exclusive coverage and access, right here on BRR, part of And, with the decisions that will be handed down by the likes of Henderson, Adam Myers-White, Nyan Boateng and more, everyone will be eagerly anticipating any news that comes from underneath the dome down in Texas.

So, stay tuned, be here and enjoy the fun as future Huskers and these hopeful-Huskers take to the field.

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