Beck Sets Sights On California-Florida Game

Harrison Beck is preparing for his time in the California-Florida All-Star game. We caught up with Mr. Beck to find out what he's been up to in the off-season, what he expects to find at the All-Star Game and just how much other schools have been pestering the highly-rated quarterback recruit for a chance at his signature.

Preparing to be one of the quarterbacks for the California-Florida All-Star Game opposite Jonathan Garner, Harrison Beck is ready to go out and have some fun amongst the other highly-touted athletes from two of the richest states when it comes to collegiate talent.  Beck has been keeping himself busy in the off-season, though.  "My coach came down and we worked out and had some receivers come out and throw around.  Coach Norvell came out and talked to my coaches so we worked on some of the routes that Nebraska does," he said. Beck's coach seems to be taking a vested interest in Nebraska's way of doing things as well.  "My coach always tries to find plays from other colleges to use in his offense," he said.    Beck has been sure to keep himself in solid physical shape as well.  "I've been lifting weights and doing that kind of stuff but the thing.  One thing that I've always done that helps quarterbacks is I do tons of push ups.  I do excess amounts of pushups and I do a lot of jump rope," he said.


Beck leaves today for the All-Star Game that will be played at the Orange Bowl in Miami.  Beck plans to have a decent chunk of time to himself in the game to make some things happen.  "I want to play as much as I can, but I understand there are two quarterbacks.  Hopefully we'll get a half a piece. Anything less and that's not really playing at the quarterback position," he said.  As far as his plans for after the game, Beck is going to take his off-season training up a notch.  "I'm just going to continue to really start weight lifting completely and totally go all out.  I've been lifting but I'll lift like three or four days a week but I'm going to start running a bit.  It's kinda weird but I play a lot of tennis just kinda keeping the blood flowing," he said.


It appears that coaches across the country have gotten the message that Harrison Beck is going to be a Cornhusker, as well.  "The only coaches that call me anymore is Nebraska, I think everyone got the idea.  Even (Steve) Spurrier was trying to call me for a while but he stopped," he said.  Beck has made sure to keep in close contact with Jay Norvell of Nebraska.  "Me and coach Norvell talk probably every two, three days, we've got a really good relationship. We talk all the time.  Sometimes we'll talk for ten, fifteen minutes, sometimes an hour and twenty minutes.  I talked to coach Elmassian.  His family and I, we're pretty close," said Beck. 


With Nebraska accepting the commitment and letter of intent from Zac Taylor, many wondered if Harrison would be okay with the idea of another quarterback on the roster.  Beck insists that the offer of being one of the few people recruited at his position was made entirely by Bill Callahan.  Beck is excited about the prospect of playing with Taylor, Jordan Adams, Joe Dailey and the rest of Nebraska's quarterbacks.  "As far as Zac Taylor coming in, it's going to make me and him a better quarterback.  He has the JUCO experience but both of us are starting out learning the playbook," he said.  Beck says that he enjoys Taylor's presence as it puts him in a fantastic place with zero pressure.  "There's a point where people expect you to come in and be this person to immediately turn around the program and I'm up for the challenge, but people do have their struggles and this gives you a backup plan but lets the QB know he doesn't have to come in and do this right away," he said.


Harrison's got his eye on a few recruits in particular that he is anxious to play some ball with.  Marlon Lucky, definitely looking forward to playing with him, that's going be a lot of fun and Brodrick Hunter.  It would be nice to get that Marvin Harrison - Peyton Manning - Edgerrin James thing going on," he said.

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