LSU commit looking around, looking at NU

The LSU fall out is continuing. First, Chris Keys, then – Dajleon Farr and others now instead of being solid commits to LSU are now considered soft verbals. There's another that can chalk himself up on that list as he's decided that he might want to take a look around and one of those places will be Nebraska.

Before he committed, there were a variety of schools after Woodlands high school (Woodlands, TX) tight end, Kyle Anderson. Arizona, Arkansas, Kansas State, Miami, Nebraska so on and so forth.


With a bevy of offers in hand, Kyle didn't have to worry about his choices as he had more than he could possibly comprehend. Well, the current LSU commit has found himself going back over that list, because like the other current future Tigers, he's not sure what's going to happen.


"One the reasons I chose LSU was because of the offense they run." Kyle said. "With coach Saban gone and not knowing who they get in here, I don't know what they are going to do."


That means he doesn't know what he is going to do and the problem right now is pretty obvious.


The Calendar.


With time ticking away to signing day, Kyle has found himself not wanting to go back on his commit, but knowing the situation and how everything is up in the air, he's preferring not to take any chances.


"A few coaches have been calling me since coach Saban left." Kyle said. "Texas Tech, Nebraska, Miami and Arkansas."


"I know a little about each, but I'm obviously trying to take a closer look."


It's with a little sense of urgency that Kyle is doing this as he does indeed realize that time is not on his side. With that being said, Anderson did say that while he's now opening his doors, he's not shutting it out on LSU just yet.


"I want to see who they get in as the next head coach." He said. "They might get someone in here that runs basically the same offense and if he does, that might be good enough for me."


"I just don't want to say I'm out of here until I have a good chance to see how everything pans out."


The visits will take place, though, Anderson saying that where they go will probably be to those schools that have contacted him thus far. And, with having all five of his allowed visits remaining, his options are there for one or possibly two more if anyone comes calling.


Again, the problem comes down to time and with just about five weeks to go before signing day, Kyle knows that he's going to have to make some pretty significant decisions fairly soon.


"I'd say that the closer to LSU gets to signing day and still doesn't have a coach, I have to think about my options someplace else." Kyle said. "I like Nebraska , because their tight end was leading in all their major categories before he got hurt and with Texas Tech, they pass to pretty much everyone on the team."


" Miami is a little different as their situation with tight ends is different than the other two, so right now, I just don't know where I am going and when."


Anderson said that he will make up his mind in that area over the next few days as he tries to get a concrete schedule for most if not all of the aforementioned schools. Oddly enough, all schools wanting him to visit all want him to visit on the same weekend. "Yeah, for some reason, each school wants me to visit on the weekend of January fourteenth." Kyle said. "So, I'll have to make a decision there as to where it will be."


When talking about his commit, Kyle says that he still is. Opting to give LSU a chance to get someone in there that he can look at and see for himself if it comes close to what he would like. It doesn't have to be an all tight end or nothing offense, but much like any tight end that doesn't want to do anything but block all day, he'd just soon not go to a system that would demand of him exactly that. "It's just nice to get the opportunities to catch the ball." Kyle said. "That's why I chose LSU in the first place. That's what I will be looking to see if they will do under whoever they get."


"And, it's what I will be looking for in these other schools as well."


With this new situation, Anderson said that any kind of definite answer as to just what he's going to do could be a while in the making. Perhaps all the way until Signing Day on February 2nd.

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