Willingham in pursuit of Jackson

If it were possible, Leon Jackson may just get a secretary to tell the coaches from schools other than Nebraska that he isn't interested. What it was about Nebraska for Leon was really simple, it was comfort.

Yes, comfort was enough to convince one of the top running backs in the nation that Nebraska was the right place for him. Leon Jackson made his commitment to Nebraska and that is where he will play his college ball.

It won't go unchallenged though. Since the coaching turnover at Washington he has had to deal with the Huskies calling him again. Not just the Huskies, but their new head coach, Ty Willingham.

"He has called me twice, but he never got a hold of me," Jackson said of Willingham's efforts to contact him. "I had basketball practice. I know that he has tried. I am pretty sure that he got the idea that it's not even worth trying to get me to change my mind."

And it's not Willingham that won't get Jackson to take another look around and re-consider Washington. It was actually Nebraska. "I made my decision and I am going to stick to it. I know that Ty Willingham is a great coach. It's a little too late. If it was a little earlier, maybe."

"I love Nebraska. I loved it there. It was like home to me. I didn't feel all weird. I didn't want to go back because it felt like home."

Jackson is spending his time now on the hard court playing small forward for Pasco (Wash.). Ironically he isn't a scoring guy in this sport like he was in football. I guess it sort of evens itself out.

"We're 5-0. I'm not one of the guys that keeps track of what they are averaging in score. I usually get the ball to the guys that score. I do have average around 12 assists per game. When it's time for me to score I will a little bit. I am more of a role player."

Some questions have come up surrounding qualification issues for Jackson. Is there any relevance to those concerns? "I took the PSAT to see where I was at and now I am studying really hard to take the test. I am taking the test on January 21. I don't know what my GPA is right now."

Without having anything but his own personal opinion about his qualifying status, does Jackson think that getting qualified is a concern? "Oh no. I don't think so. I am pretty confident in that."

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