Instant Impact for NU: Huskers' latest commit

Instant impact. That's what you want from any player, but you almost expect it when you are getting them from the junior college ranks. That's what is expected of Steve Octavien, Dontrell Moore, Zac Taylor and Zack Bowman. That is now what is expected of NU's latest commit and junior college transfer, Compton Defensive Tackle, Ola Dagundaro.

If there is one thing someone 6'3" 293 lbs. should do, it's make an impact. Figuratively, literally, Compton Community College DT, Ola Dagundaro doesn't shy from the expectations now upon him as he becomes NU's 6th junior college commit.

He's actually embracing it.

"You want that." Ola said of the expectations to be an instant help to a team. "You go in there expecting that of yourself, so it's no big thing when they expect it of you."

Size is just a part of the immensity that surrounds Dagundaro, who will have 3 years to play 2 at the Division 1-A level. He's got the numbers to match. 72 tackles, 4 sacks, 2 forced fumbles (1 recovered) and the big guy even had a blocked field goal.

You have to have a lot of things going for you to put up those kind of numbers from the defensive interior. For Dagundaro, it starts at one place. "Quickness – you've got to be quick off the ball." He said. "I can get off the ball really quick and for someone my size, I can get into gaps pretty consistently."

All this and more were the reasons Nebraska started hunting Dagundaro down around a month ago and it's been almost half of that time since Ola actually officially made up his mind. His visits already taken to Marshall and San Diego State weren't enough to keep him from pledging to NU.

"It's one of the best programs in the country." Dagundaro said of Nebraska. "They have all that tradition, good coaches and a chance to play early."

It's a chance. Even with two defensive starters coming back for that interior, depth is at a premium for the Blackshirts. Ola plans on adding to that, at the very least. "They are bringing me in there to play right away, so I plan on doing that, but I am going to work hard to see just how good I can do."

The delay in getting to Division 1-A is something that most junior college athletes will tell you wasn't exactly what they had in mind. Considering the destination Ola now has, he has different thoughts about the ultimate destination. "I figured I would go to junior college and end up at some place like San Jose." He said. "To end up at a program like Nebraska, yeah, that's worth the wait."

He's been waiting, but is ready for his arrival on the campus of UNL. "I can't wait to get there and get started." Ola said. "They are supposed to have this ridiculous weight room and it's actually going to get bigger. I'm into that."

Yeah, I suppose he is, as you don't get a bench over 400 by pushing pencils or taking it easy with your boys when everyone else is working out. It's you the one that is doing all the working. "You've got to put in the time if you want to put on the size." Ola said. "It's a hard road to get where I am right now, but I'm not even close to where I want to be."

That's another reason why he chose Nebraska – because of where he wants to be and who better to get him there or know what it takes than a defensive line coach that has taught some of the best defensive line talent in Dallas Cowboys' history. "Coach Blake was huge in me deciding on NU." Dagundaro said. "He's just a great man, but all that experience he has with some great players, he knows what it takes to get to the NFL and succeed. I wanted that kind of guidance and experience to show me the road there."

Already having signed his letter of intent, the only road that lays before Dagundaro is one that rests clearly in the sky as the plane heads towards the land of Corn. With him will be what most bring whenever they are making a fairly permanent move.

There is something Dagundaro hopes to bring with him, but not right away as it or should I say ‘he' isn't quite prepared to come.

"Yeah, I am going to work Kevin a little." Ola said of Compton standout lineman and current LSU commit, Kevin Myers. "I think Nebraska is on him, but I figure I'm going to try him and join me with the big red."

That would be another welcome site as Nebraska is in desperate need of tackles that can be viewed as instant-impact like Ola is perceived. At 6-6, 350 lbs., I'd say that instant-impact is the very least of the ‘impression' that he could make. Ola would agree.

"That's why I am going to try and get him to be a Husker. You always need big guys like that."

Congratulations to Dagundaro and stay tuned as we will keep you up to date to see what (if anything) happens with Kevin Myers.

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