Did Florida lineman nab offer from NU?

When you think about book-end offensive tackles you may think about a particular player or players. But what do they share in common? They're probably 6-foot-4 or taller, 300 plus pounds and athletic. Nebraska may try and sneak out a 6-foot-7, 335 pound tackle that also runs a 5.1/40 in Florida.

To this point, things have been quiet for Carl Spitale. That might be coming to an end though. As the year has gone on, the attention has grown. Not enough for any team to make an offer, but per his coach Eric Patterson, Carl may just be scratching the surface on his ability.

"Well, we went 4-3 this year and had three gas blown away I guess you could say, literally, due to the hurricanes," Head Coach Patterson said. "Carl did a great job all year. He got better from game to game. Last year he lacked maturity and this year it started and it just all clicked."

That lack of maturity is probably closely tied to Spitale's age, or lack thereof. Carl, although 6-foot-7 and 335 pounds, is only 17 years old. "There was a game this season where he came back out and played hurt. Last year that would have kept him off the field."

"He's only 17 and he should have another year of high school ball to be totally honest. I wish he had another year with us."

For Carl though, he will graduate this May and looking to play football in college. "I couldn't have asked for a better season if you ask me," Spitale said. "Last year or even two years ago if I would have had an injury during the game, I would have been out. This year I stayed in until the end because I wanted to win."

"I played with emotion. I wanted to win. It was disappointing, we wanted to get into the playoffs this year and we lost by one point. We had a chance to upset a team that had a chance to still make the playoffs, but we didn't take advantage and lost. That was also emotional."

Carl really made a name for himself working in the camps this summer. "My DI camp was put on in South Florida and a lot of coaches from colleges come out and help. They came out to coach us and help. I did really well there. My team camp we went to Lake Placid with Centennial High School and went toe to toe and blow for blow with them. Coming off a 5-5 season it really got us going because they are consistently good."

To this point, Carl has yet to nab his first offer, but he is getting a lot of attention at this point. "I am talking about setting up an official with Florida A&M right now. I don't about the others. Recruiting has slowed down in the dead period."

Nebraska has been a team that has been in touch with Coach Patterson and Carl throughout the season. "They wanted to offer me a grey shirt. I wasn't too interested in that. If they wanted me to set up an official to check out Nebraska anyway, I might do that."

"I am just in a kind of wait and see approach right now. I am waiting to hear back from some schools and want to give it a chance. I just think that this is kind of a time where Nebraska is happy with the 20-some commits that they want and would like to have more and that is where the grey shirt comes in. I like the idea, but I am reluctant to do something like that."

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