Brandon Keith: visits looming for OU commit

It's been a long time since he committed to Oklahoma. Long, because rather than take the direct route to the home of the Sooners, Brandon Keith has had to make a stopover at the junior college level. Now that he's about done, however, the line between Oklahoma and everyone else has acquired a slight blur and it would seem that teams like Nebraska now could have a chance.

It's been awhile since Brandon Keith initially committed to Oklahoma. Back in 2002 actually. Since that time, the Mcalester high school standout has been that, but at the junior college level instead. Northeast Oklahoma Junior College to be exact, but despite the unwelcome diversion, Keith has remained a solid verbal to the Oklahoma Sooners.

Until recently.

It's true that Keith's initial inspiration on taking official visits at this point was that of his immediate family, but Keith did say that despite that, his options are definitely more open than they were. "I'm still a commit to Oklahoma." Brandon said. "But, yeah, I would say it's a soft verbal."

"My family talked to me about making sure, so that's what these visits are about."

The visits he's scheduled are as follows:

Nebraska on the 14th, Oklahoma on the 21st and Texas A&M the weekend after that. And, Keith said there's still a possibility that he might try to trip to Florida.

Back to the visits, though, the two teams that aren't the Oklahoma Sooners weren't just picked from the clear blue sky, especially the one to NU. "I had an official scheduled for them when I was in high school." Keith said. "But, I cancelled it once I knew Oklahoma was where I wanted to go."

As you would expect from a local product like Keith, he's got plenty of friends that are already members of the Sooner-team. He's even got friends down at College Station. Brandon admits to that having some influence, but his overriding criteria is the same as it's always been. "There has to be a good education, a chance to play early and obviously, I have to get along with the coaches." He said. "All these programs have that from what I have seen, but I'll get to see a lot more when I get there to see for myself."

He'll do that, but most will say that these are token visits, if just to placate the family that would prefer he keep his options as open as can be. Again, Keith did say that he's currently a commit to OU, but isn't ruling any possibility out. "I can't say what I will see on my visits." He said. "I am looking at everyone with an open mind."

"Oklahoma is still the school I plan on going to, but I'm going to take these visits seriously."

When Keith came out of high school, he was rated as one of the best tackles in the Midwestern region and one of the better tackles across the entire U.S. What he's managed to do in his time since the prep-level was take what he knew and take in anything else that he could add to his already impressive forte'. "I've used this time to grow as a player and person." Keith said. "My hands are better than they were, I move my feet better and I am just a better player overall. That's why I am excited to get to college, so I can take all that and play at the top level in college."

As for finalizing any official decision, that will probably wait until signing day for Keith. Considering the situation, you can imagine that he's not in any hurry. As to the visits themselves that he'll take before that time arrives, he is actually eager for those to come and go. "I just want to see what everyone else has to offer." He said. "It will be fun to see those other places, especially Nebraska, because I grew up knowing about that tradition."

"Oklahoma and Nebraska was always a big deal and I was at that game this year. That was a pretty fun time."

There's only a month to wait before Keith will have a concrete decision. For some, it's hardly a new decision that they think he'll make. Will these visits simply be a delay before Brandon reaffirms his pledge to OU or do the Huskers and the Aggies have a legit shot?

Everyone will find out and stay tuned as we will keep you up to date as what's going on, how his visit to Nebraska went and what kind of shot (if any) Nebraska has with this juggernaut out of the Sooner-state.

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