Franklin hosts the Nebraska head coach

It's a special visit for a recruit to host a head coach. Coordinators and assistant coaches are always good, but the head coach just gets one in-home visit. He may have spoke to the other family members on the phone and they may have even met him at the school on a visit. The big night though is getting him, in home, and sitting down face to face with the player and his family.

It was obvious what the visit meant to Wallace Franklin. The enthusiasm is the same in his voice for just about everything when it comes to discussing the Huskers.

The typically laid-back Husker commit gets a little animated when it comes to talking about Nebraska. He likes talking about the coaching staff and about his visit. It was obvious though that the visitors were very important to Franklin on Monday night.

"Coach Callahan and Coach Norvell came to my house today," Franklin said. "They told my mom that they were going to take care of me and that she has nothing to worry about by letting me go way out there to go to school."

"They also talked about the great academic program there and they have tutors to help me. They also said that she would get a number that she could call to talk to someone to see how I am doing in my classes. She just loves how they are going to take care of me."

The coaching staff was an integral part of Franklin feeling good about the school. That is really apparent when you begin to realize that he committed before he took a visit to Nebraska. That is, he committed sight unseen. It was the bond that he shared with the coaches that did it. One coach in particular.

"The coaches were a big part of me coming to Nebraska. Coach Blake recruited me and I really connected him. He just talks to me and makes me laugh and will talk to me about everything like family, school and other things. He called me every week when he could call me to see how I was doing and see if I was studying for my SAT. He was all over me."

"One time he called me to ask me who my favorite receiver and defensive back were, because I play defense too. I told him that they were Jerry Rice and Randy Moss for receivers and Deion Sanders for defensive back. He told me how well he knew Deion Sanders and we talked about him for a long time. I loved that. I used to have his number in Pop Warner and they called me Prime Time."

Coach Blake, as many of the other Husker faithful that know about Franklin's test score, are interested in seeing his progress in the test. According to Franklin, there isn't anything to worry about.

"The first time I took it I just hopped in and took it. I didn't have a tutor. They just said that they were going to track it. I had no prep time. The coaches know that I am going to pass and they aren't scared about me getting qualified at all."

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