The rumors about Reggie true?

Being one of the nation's top prospects at any position, Reggie Smith's name is one that gets tossed around as a possible commit to any school he considers, but as of late, his name came up on an Oklahoma City radio show. It was reported that he is almost a lock for the Oklahoma Sooners, but is that really the case? We caught up with Reggie to get his thoughts.

He's a sooner.  No wait, no he's not.  Yes he is, no he's not, etc.  We hear it all the time in reference to Reggie Smith and believe me, he hears it as well.  Al Eschbach, an Oklahoma City radio personality, came on and said that Reggie was looking like almost a lock to land in the Sooners' laps.  Reggie himself wasn't as solid on the statement.  "He's been saying that since I started being recruited, but I don't even listen to that anymore," he said.  Currently, Reggie is not only not a lean to Oklahoma, but he's not a lean to anyone, per his words.  "I still gotta look at everything because coaches change, so I'm gonna wait until everything settles first," he said.


Speaking of the Sooners, they and the USC Trojans played last evening and Reggie did, in fact, watch the bout.  "USC came prepared and did what they had to do. It was like OU couldn't figure it out.  Norm Chow had a great game plan and Pete Carrol shut ‘em down," he said.  Smith last talked to Nebraska defensive line coach John Blake last Thursday and the Cornhuskers still appear to be in the picture as do all of Reggie's current leaders.  He is currently tossing around the idea of taking a trip on January 22nd, but he's rather non-committal about the possibility at this point.  Texas A&M, Penn State and Arkansas are in the running for the final trip if he does, indeed, take one.  


Right now, Reggie is just excited to get a chance to compete in the U.S. Army All-American Game.  "I'm just ready to get down there and see everybody," he said.  Reggie will not be making his collegiate decision made at the game, rather, probably closer to signing day.

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