Husker coaches visit Husker commit

It's always tense for fans to see their commits take visits after they commit. Husker fans saw one of their commits take an official without notifying any coaches, but it has all since worked out for everyone. In fact, the coaches and the recruit had a chance to spend some time together.

It all worked out in that the commit returned a firm commit to Nebraska. Cody Glenn, if he chose to decommit, could have fouled up a lot of things. Nebraska had their last running back prospect and all of there other offers were withdrawn.

It seemed pretty simple and innocent to Glenn about his official visit to Kansas. He gave his word that he would visit before the commit. Now the only thing is that he had given his word twice. Once to visit, but had already given his word on the commit. Glenn talks about what the difference was between Kansas and Nebraska.

"It was the way that Nebraska made me feel at home when I was there on my visit. When I was up there for my visit what made the difference for me at Nebraska was their fans."

The season didn't go as he had planned, but statistically he had a very productive season. "We went 7-4 and started a lot of underclassmen. We were very young," Glenn said. "We made it into the playoffs, but lost in the first round of the playoffs."

"I had 1824 yards rushing, 28 touchdowns, 10 receptions for 159 yards and two more touchdowns. I got MVP of the district, first team all-district and second team all-state."

Glenn made some Husker fans' hearts skip a beat or two when they found out that he did make the trip to Kansas after committing to Nebraska. It was a no harm, no foul type of situation and has since asked all teams to back off. Are all teams listening to his plea?

"TCU is the only one that is still kind of recruiting me. Everyone else though backed off of me. I told them I was committed to Nebraska. They told me that they weren't going to give up on me."

Since his commitment, the Husker coaches haven't given up on Cody either. They have been active in calling and going to his home. Earlier this week it was a chance for the head coach of Nebraska to make a visit.

"Yes sir, Coach Callahan and Coach Jordan were here just yesterday. It was the first time that my parents had a chance to meet Coach Callahan. It was about the third time that Coach Jordan was here. He comes a lot."

"They love Coach Jordan. He comes down here and goes to the basketball game when I am playing. When I am free he comes and hangs out with me and my team and talks basketball. I like him a lot."

This was the first time that the Glenn family had a chance to meet Coach Callahan. The meeting was good for Cody and his family. Recently Glenn said that his mother had heard some things about Coach Callahan that his players may not like him.

"My mom liked him a lot. She has read a bunch of stuff about how his players don't like him and stuff like that. Since she has met him she said that she can't see why. She thought he was a very good person. She feels good with me being up there with a coach like him."

Glenn is staying busy this fall playing basketball. In the spring he will have a tremendous opportunity to get in real good shape before he was to head to Nebraska.

"I am going to run track this spring. I am probably going to run the 100m, 4x100 relay, high jump, shot and discus. I can run a 10.8 100m. I run anchor in the relay. I am doing hot and discus for the first time this year. My coaches want me to try it out. I have high-jumped 6-foot-4."

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