Coaching changes and new offers for La Fell

It's not everyday when you have one school's head coach leave to only be considered at his new school and when a head coach leaves another school to only then be considered by the new coach. Or, there is always the story of the NFL coach coming back to college football. These are all the wild and wonderful stories of recruiting.

To say that they past month or so have been crazy may be an understatement to Brandon La Fell. The 6-foot-1 and 170 pound receiver from Houston Lamar had statistically one of the best years in Texas and now he is getting the attention that brings.

"I had 46 catches, 1,116 yards and 16 touchdowns on offense. I had maybe 50 tackles, eight interceptions and I returned four of them for touchdowns. I returned two punts for touchdowns," La Fell said.

La Fell has already been on three official visits to Arizona, Missouri and Nebraska, but since a lot of coaching change over he is getting more from different schools. He is now hearing from Florida, South Carolina, Oklahoma State, Miami to go along with Nebraska and Missouri.

"All of the schools have offered me except for Miami. They haven't offered me yet. I am planning on going to Florida on either January 21 or 28. I don't know who my last visit will be to. It's between Oklahoma State and Miami probably."

La Fell is looking for a good education and early playing time. He is not claiming a leader. "It's so tough to say that I have a leader since so many schools came in so late. Missouri and Nebraska have been on me for a long time, but everyone else came in late."

"Florida's coach used to be at Utah and they were my No. 1 for a while. They were recruiting me hard at Utah and they are still recruiting me that way at Florida. I think the situation at Oklahoma State is good because I could grow with the quarterback."

La Fell mentioned that the schools that have consistently been seeing and hearing from before the dead period were Oklahoma State, Nebraska, South Carolina and Florida. Coach Callahan came in this week.

"Coach Bill Callahan and Coach Jay Norvell were here. That was the first time my family had a chance to meet with both coaches. Usually it's Coach John Blake that comes to visit me. My family liked meeting with them, but I think that we all like Coach Blake better."

La Fell went on to say that his parents felt very comfortable with Coach Callahan and Norvell. In fact, he mentioned that they felt more comfortable with Nebraska than another school and coach in the Big 12.

"They felt more comfortable taking to them than they did talking to Bob Stoops. I don't know why, but it was just them. We spoke about how I fit in their program, their new offense, their recruiting class and how Callahan as in the NFL. I think I fit in really well at Nebraska. Plus, they just picked up two quarterbacks and got Marlon Lucky."

Nebraska was a leader at one time in the process. It isn't so much that Nebraska did something so wrong, but that with all of the new schools that the process may have become a bit overwhelming and he has decided to keep his options open a bit.

"At first they were one of the biggest offers that I had. Now I have Florida and Miami coming in. They aren't over-shadowed. They are still up there on my leader board."

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