Ossai looking past tangibles for school

There is that glaring need in the recruiting class for Nebraska that fans know about. It is the offensive tackle. Nebraska hosts a pair of big offensive tackles and from the high school ranks, this prospect is looking beyond what he can see at a particular place and a particular school.

For Ben Ossai, it's not going to be the size of the weight room, the expansion or even how many fans you can pile into your stadium. He is looking for a feel.

"Everybody has a big stadium. Everybody has a nice weight room. Everybody has fan support. It's how you fit in there that really makes the difference," Ossai said.

So define comfort. What does it take for Ben Ossai to be comfortable in a given place at a given time?

"The surroundings and sometimes it might be locations, but most of the time it isn't. It matters how I feel when I get there.

What might matter is how far from Bakersfiled, Calif. that you might be at any given time. Given the official that Ossai has taken to Fresno State, the pending officials to Washington and Utah; that puts Nebraska on an island. A very distant island.

"Distance isn't really a big thing. It might be, if it's a really hard decision. It probably won't be though."

Ossai visited Fresno State on December 17, Nebraska will be on 1/14, Washington 1/21 and Utah 1/28. Is he planning on taking all of the official visits or could Nebraska expect a commit this weekend?

"I am thinking about it. Yeah, I am thinking about it. All of my offers in writing. None of my offers are tied to me officially visiting."

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