Suh ready to make the right decision

He's been close to making a decision and then that certainty tails away, once again replaced with a slight confusion. Which school is best? What does he really want and who's going to be there when things aren't just so? Ndamukong is still battling with all those questions, but he's now not looking to answer them all himself, now he's looking for help. Enter, Marlon Lucky.

Who's to say who is just the right person to go to when you have a question that you simply can't answer yourself.


Relations is always good and for Ndamukong Suh, there's nobody he's closer to than his mother. But, in matters like this when it comes to deciding just where he will go to attend college and play football, sometimes not even mom can give him all the answers he needs.


Enter, Marlon Lucky.


Being a commit of Nebraska, Marlon understood, at least for what made Nebraska special. What about Lincoln and the surroundings that he thought was good enough to take him all the way from California to Nebraska.


With an almost equal trip in distance looming if he were to make that decision, Suh decided that Lucky was the perfect candidate to ask just what his thought process was in inevitably choosing the Huskers. "I asked him because I have gotten to know him some and I really wanted to hear why he chose Nebraska."


"The fact that he's close helps, because he understands the distance, but I just wanted to hear from another person why they decided on them."


This late in the recruiting process, most recruits aren't recruits at all, already having committed and stand dreaming of touchdowns, interceptions, tackles or whatever for their new school of choice. Suh, though, he's been fighting this recruiting thing for weeks now, already beyond his deadline that he set just a couple of months ago.


The wait is going to be worth it for him, because Suh says that there's no way that he doesn't make the right choice, because he's going to make sure he knows it before he ever says a word. "This is a decision that affects the rest of my life," Ndamukong said. "I know that if I am to make sure that wherever I go is the right place, I can't just think about it and make a choice. I have to look at everything and ask everyone whatever I feel I need to know."


"There's just too many important things about this decision to rush it for anyone."


Part of that process is figuring out institutions for what really matters to him: engineering. His research that might have hopefully yielded a sure-fire leader has only led him to look at his schools as just as even as before. "They've both got great engineering programs," Suh said of California and Nebraska and California had a great year last year and I know Nebraska struggled because the coaches don't have the guys they are trying to get in now."


Ok, so that's out, but there's the ultimate factor that regardless of the classes available Suh will look at as THE most important factor now and for possibly the next five years. "The relationships matter the most to me," Suh said. "How I get along with the coaches, the players, just everyone."


"All my schools that I have considered are places that I know I will be comfortable at and have people that I can look at as people I can trust and believe in."


Suh will make his decision following the All-American Bowl-weekend and this time, he's confident he will indeed have a concrete place he will go. So, for him, you might consider this visit pleasure as a reward for a season well-played, business as everyone wants to do the best they can on the field and both as Suh is typical to his studious nature in making sure he's asked all the right questions so that his answer is the right one for him.


That's the decision and as you might expect, Suh can't wait to get it out of the way. "I didn't want it to take this long," he said. "Everyone would like to know that the first place they see is the perfect place for them. I didn't get that, so I have had to do a lot of research, talk to my family and talk to as many people as I can."


"It will be soon, but I know it is also going to be right."

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