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The University of Nebraska has asked that this information be circulated regarding the U.S. Army All-American Bowl in San Antonio.



DATE: JANUARY 13, 2005


As many people from across the country will be traveling to San Antonio, Texas for the U.S. Army All-American Bowl game on Saturday, January 15, 2005, I would like to take this opportunity to remind our wonderful Husker fans of a few NCAA Rules and Guidelines that all of us must abide by in regards to the recruitment of a prospective
student-athlete to the University of Nebraska.

While we certainly appreciate your interest in supporting this event, it is important that we use good judgment in showing our enthusiasm and conducting ourselves according to the NCAA rules. Always remember how imperative it is that none of us do anything to jeopardize the eligibility or tarnish the interest of a prospective student-athlete who would like to attend our fine institution and join our outstanding athletic program. Please note:

• When a booster, fan or athletic representative violates an NCAA recruiting rule, he/she loses the privilege of being associated with our athletic department.
• When a booster involves a prospective student-athlete in a violation, the prospect no longer has the opportunity to join our athletic team or attend our university.

Let us continue to work together in our efforts of maintaining the rich tradition of excellence in our athletic programs based on a foundation of integrity and knowledge of the NCAA Rules and Guidelines. With this correspondence, you will find a few NCAA guidelines regarding permissible and non-permissible recruiting activities by a booster that may answer a question or concern you have. Should you observe any behavior that you feel is not permissible within the NCAA guidelines, I strongly encourage you to contact our Athletic Compliance staff so that corrective measures can be taken immediately.

For further information or clarification on NCAA rules, please contact Gary Bargen,
Director of Athletic Compliance at:
• Telephone: (402) 472-7002
• Fax: (402) 472-4609
• E-mail:

Thank you again for your cooperation and support.

Go Huskers!

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Athletics Department Compliance
University of Nebraska


Yes, you are a Booster if you have EVER:
• Participated in or are a member of an independent agency, corporate entity or other organization that promotes the University of Nebraska athletics program;
• Made financial contributions to the athletics department or to an athletics booster club;
• Been requested by the athletics department to assist in the recruitment of prospective student-athletes or is assisting in the recruitment of prospective student-athletes;
• Assisted or is assisting in providing benefits, (including employment) to enrolled student-athletes or prospective student-athletes:
• Otherwise been involved in promoting the University of Nebraska athletics program.
NOTE: Once an individual is identified as an Athletic Representative, that person retains the identity indefinitely.

As a Husker Fan, Booster or Athletics Representative, you MAY attend high school and/or community college athletic events provided you:
• DO NOT make personal contact with a prospective student-athlete and/or their parent, legal guardian, spouse or relative at any time, at any location under any conditions.
• DO NOT contact a prospect's coach, counselor or other academic institution administrator in an attempt or with the intention of recruiting the prospect to the University of Nebraska.

Additionally, a Husker Fan, Booster or Athletics Representative:
• MAY NOT invite a prospective student-athlete, and/or their parents, legal guardian or relative or spouse to your home, to a booster club function, banquet or fund raising event – remember: NO CONTACT.
• MAY NOT telephone a prospective student-athlete and/or their parent, legal guardian, spouse or relative – remember: NO CONTACT.
• MAY NOT engage in any activity that may be considered an attempt to recruit a prospect:
• MAY NOT offer or provide benefits to a prospect and/or their parent, legal guardian, relative or spouse that are not permissible by NCAA Rules and Regulations. Non-permissible benefits include but are not limited to:
? Jobs for parents, relatives or friends or the promise of employment after graduation
? Use of or lease of any vehicle
? Loans or advances in pay or salary
? Signing or co-signing of loans, bail bonds or cost of living deposits
? Summer school or academic supply expenses
? Use of cars, boats, jet skis, vacation homes, etc.
? Cash, gifts, clothing or cost of living expenses (utility bills, laundry, etc)
? Free or reduced housing, meals or entertainment
? Use of credit cards, telephone cards or long distance services
? Promise of financial aid for post-graduate education
? Providing a recognition or achievement award

For further information, contact the University of Nebraska Athletic Compliance Office:
• Telephone: (402) 472-7002
• Fax: (402) 472-4609
• E-Mail

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