Don't look now, future bright for NU

Don't look now, but you've got yourself some players coming to Nebraska. In a game where the elite face the elite, it was a group of future Huskers that added themselves to that list and answered any questions as to just what they could do.

You don't ask much of kickers, but to make the ball every single time. Yeah, no pressure there and Jordan Congdon would hate it if you didn't pressure him. He's a kicker. That's what he wants. "I guess if there's no pressure, it doesn't mean anything," Congdon said. "Kickers are kind of strange I guess, but pressure if what you want. It makes you concentrate." Condgon finished his part of the All-American bowl, perfect, hitting 5 extra points and he even scored a tackle on special teams.


One player that didn't need help concentrating was Craig Roark as he didn't have to focus to see who was in front of him, the players ranging anywhere from 270 pound Joseph Paxon or 6 foot, 6 inch 330 pound Marques Slocum. Current and future teammate Rodney Picou didn't have it any easier facing either 260 pound Ryan Bain or Melvin or equally stout Early Hyman.


The west offensive line allowed zero sacks.


"What can you say about that," starting quarterback Mark Sanchez said. "Once we settled down, we were able to do almost what we wanted. The passing game really started to open up in the second half."


The running game opened up as well, both teams limited early, but the west got on a roll in the second half, Marlon Lucky of the west team scoring the only rushing touchdown of the game. "The hole was just there," Lucky said of the opening that let him shoot up the hole and then maneuver his way back left for the TD. "I saw it, cut over and back over to the right and just hit the jets to the house."


"The passing game opened it up for us in the second half, so we had our shots and just had to take advantage of them."  


One player that will be highly anticipated to make his arrival in June will be running back Leon Jackson. Only, for this game and most of the week leading up to the 5th annual All-American Bowl, he's been playing the other side.


Jackson has been projected by most to be a safety and they got a chance to see him in action at that spot today. In somewhat limited action, Jackson put on a monster block on a punt return and exhibited much of what people expect to see after Leon has moved over to that position at Nebraska.


Speaking of exhibitions, Phillip Dillard has been putting on one all week, wowing every one of us present with his ability to take people down the field. Unbelievably deceptive speed and quickness is what Dillard could say was his ‘bread ‘n butter' for the week. "Most people don't look at me and think I can run like that or that I can cover anyone that far down the field," he said. "That's good, though, because I can get an interception like I did today, because I'm not where they expect me to be."


This whole class isn't where people would expect. Heck, this isn't the class that Nebraskans would expect, so used to this time of year being the moment where the big boys fall off and the rest of the class shapes out, people asking ‘who' much more than uttering ‘wow'.


That's over, at least for this year as Nebraska sent into the biggest prep football game of the year the biggest number of commits going in. And, to a man, they all gave everyone reason to hope for the very near future.

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