Chris Brooks Narrows Choices

Chris Brooks decided to be a Missouri Tiger a while back but, as of late, has been taking a long look at the University of Nebraska. The time for recruiting is starting to wind down and kids across the country are beginning to make their decisions, so when does Chris anticipate making his decision and just what schools are still in it for the four-star prospect?

Chris Brooks has been weighing the options and it appears that he's just about done with this whole recruiting business.  "I'm gonna call the schools and tell them I'm done taking visits.  Probably make a decision here in the near future about Tuesday or Wednesday," he said.  Out of the schools he was considering, only two have made the final cut.  "It's gonna be between the University of Missouri and the University of Nebraska," he said.  Brooks made the decision that he is, in fact, going to stay close to home and definitely with good reason.  "I know I have to be there for four years so I want to know how fast I can get home if something goes wrong," he said.


Brooks takes into account what his family thinks about his prospective collegiate choices, as well.  "They think there's a good possibility at both schools, my mother is more on the academic side. She sees better opportunity at Nebraska, but she didn't go on the visit to Missouri so she doesn't really have anything to compare, just what she's heard," said Brooks.  There, of course, is the possibility of playing in the National Football League, but Brooks remains grounded about that possibility.  "Everyone keeps talking NFL but I know I have a lot of work to do before I reach that level," he said.


Nebraska and Missouri both have some qualities that Brooks enjoys, but there is a main focus that Chris has remained critical of.  "I like both schools. There are good facilities at both schools, they both have lots of things that they do and right now it's up in the air. My biggest concern was my relationship with Coach Pinkel and I haven't been able to talk to him lately.  There should come a time when the head coach calls and build a relationship with the guy he's recruiting," he said.  Brooks said that he is, indeed, getting that from Nebraska.  "I have a real good relationship with Coach Callahan.  They're good people.  That's just the biggest thing right now," he said.  Brooks also mentioned something else that would sell him on a program.  "Also, just the best place for me with coaching and contacts that coaches have," he said.

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