Creighton Prep's Gorski Returns From NU

We've heard plenty about Harrison Beck and Zac Taylor, but there's a third quarterback that Nebraska is eyeing for the 2004-2005 recruiting class, that of Omaha Creighton Prep's Dan Gorksi. Gorski visited Nebraska this past weekend and gives his thoughts about just what stood out to him and what puts a particular school out in front in his mind.

When you look at the schools that Dan Gorski is considering, it reads as a who's who list, but for different reasons.  Nebraska's the consummate football institution, Princeton as the certified Ivy League collegiate choice and Notre Dame as a combination of the two.  Gorski visited the University of Nebraska this past weekend and came away rather impressed with the home-state college.  "It was a good visit, everything went well.  I met with all of the coaches, trainers, everyone down there.  I was really impressed with how they run things down there," he said.  So what impressed Dan most about his visit?  "I think just the coaching staff and how serious they take football down there.  It's obvious that's there top priority and they do what they have to do to be successful," he said.


Now, as far as we knew, the status of Gorski's offer by Nebraska was rather hazy, but Dan cleared everything up for us.  "Right now they want me to come on as a preferred walk-on.  I'd be the only preferred walk-on quarterback they'd take and I'd be automatically on the 2005 roster.  I'd redshirt my freshman year and if I'm in a position where they think I can play then they'd give me a scholarship," he said.  The visit to the Home of the Cornhuskers really caused them to rise in the eyes of Gorski.  "Yeah, I'd definitely say that I was more impressed than I thought I would be.  I spent a long time with the academic counselors talking about what they have to offer and they proved that they had more to offer than I thought," he said.  Dan mentioned that he has already visited Princeton and will visit Notre Dame shortly.  All three schools are in a dead heat for his services.


Gorski isn't necessarily just looking for a fantastic education, but it appears that athletics also play a vital role in his decision.  "I think it has a lot to do with where I feel comfortable, what puts me in the best position to compete and also to get an education while being at a place where football is important," he said.  Dan mentioned that while he does want to end the recruiting blitzkrieg as soon as possible, he wants to make a solid decision.  "Hopefully I'll have a good idea after my visit to Notre Dame.  I'd like to get a decision made as soon as possible so I can stop worrying about it but again it's not something I have to rush, especially if I'm going to walk on to one of those places," he said. 

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