JC WR makes surprise visit to Nebraska

Huskers were anticipating some good news from the U.S. Army All-American game that did not happen. While that did not happen a special visitor was in Lincoln seeing how he could be part of one of the best recruiting classes in the nation and impact the team immediately.

When we last caught up with Frantz Hardy it seemed that there was no way that he would even take an official to Nebraska. Now, with an official behind him, the Huskers have him zeroed in as a top prospect on their board.

"The visit went good, it went really good," Hardy said. "I spoke with Zac while I was up there. We chilled together."

Frantz cited some specific things when it came to the visit this past weekend. "The program for one and the people in the town were so nice. The coaches were cool. Coach Jay Norvell has been recruiting me."

One thing that really happens more during the season is the fans in Lincoln seeing the recruits and recognizing them. Some are asked for autographs and some just arrive to chants off of the walk to the stadium.

"Yes sir, people recognized me. I was at the airport or in a restaurant and they knew me."

Hardy comes from Miami and that means a larger town and nicer weather. When we last caught up with Hardy, weather was one of the main reasons Nebraska wouldn't be considered. He has been at Butler for the past two years, but what were the thoughts about Lincoln this past weekend?

"I thought that Lincoln was going to be smaller than what it actually was. It's not that small. The weather bothered me a little bit. It was zero degrees outside. It was real cold. Brock Pasteur had shorts on while he was there."

"About the weather you are just going to have to play in it. If you are going to make it to the NFL you're going to have to play in some weather anyway. You don't have a choice in which team you get drafted by either."

So how did the visit to Nebraska stand up and what else is coming up for Hardy? "I have been to South Florida and Auburn on official visits so far. I am going to Kansas this weekend. There isn't a leader. No one is standing out."

It looks like we might not be ready for an announcement from Hardy in the next week, but it doesn't seem that far off. "Sometime soon, I'd like to make it soon. I really don't know. I could come to a decision tonight or tomorrow, I just don't want to make the wrong decision."

When it comes to considering Nebraska now after visiting and having a former player and his quarterback at Nebraska now, Zac Taylor, does that do anything to affect his decision?

"It does a little bit. That was my boy. We already have a connection together. It helps a lot actually. I had 34 receptions for 820 yards and five touchdowns."

Husker fans will be a little apprehensive about end of the year or February signees when it comes to JUCO players. The past few years, Nebraska has had their share of problems with getting players in on time.

"I will be done in May. I should be able to join the team in June."

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