Hickman Returns From Nebraska

Jacob Hickman, a long-time commitment to the University of Nebraska just recently was able to take his official visit to Lincoln amidst some chilly temperatures. Despite the cold, Hickman had a pretty good time and conversed with us about what he saw. Also, there had been some rumors about Jacob possibly grey shirting. Do those rumors carry any weight and what does he think about the possibility?

When you've been a commitment since September and pretty much just shrug off any attempt by a rival school to take you away from your initial suitor, not much is often said in the meantime, but catching up to Jacob Hickman after his official visit to the University of Nebraska, it becomes apparent that Jacob made the right choice for him.  "It was great. We just ran with a tight schedule and ate a lot of food.  We had anything, we ate what they're gonna have at the training table.  We ate at Famous Dave's.  We went all around the school, went to the basketball game, it was a good time," he said. 


Hickman felt that the entire trip was fantastic despite the unfortunately chilly conditions in Lincoln during the weekend.  "(I enjoyed) everything really,I had a good time doing anything.  (The cold) was something new, it was fun though, I enjoyed it.  It was a bit cold at first and a couple times I couldn't feel my hands but at the end of the week I was fine with it," he said.  Being a resident of Bakersfield, California, Hickman probably doesn't see much in the way of sub-zero temperatures and snow.  Jacob also got to meet Strength and Conditioning Coach Dave Kennedy during his trip.  "Coach Kennedy seems like an awesome coach, the whole facilities are top of the line," he said.


Hickman also mentioned that he's very excited about the recruiting class that Nebraska has secured thus far.  "I'm excited absout the class, I've heard a lot of good thins, all the guys I've met have been really cool," said Hickman.  As far as the commitments he's looking forward to playing with, two stand out.  "I'd say probably Craig Roark and Zach Potter.  I met Craig way back on my unofficial and met Zach this weekend and had a good time with Zach and Craig's a really cool guy as well as all the rest," he said.


The topic of greyshirting Jacob due to a bit of a lighter frame has been talked about around various Internet message boards and by the coaching staff to Jacob himself.  He enlightens us a bit on the subject.  "Yeah, we have talked about it and it's something that they've talked about.  We're considering doing it; it's something that we'll decide a little later in the year.  Realistically, I want to be the best player I can be," said Hickman.

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