Suh's drama continues, reflects recruiting today

There's a definite drama that goes into waiting for the decision of a prized recruit. Schools wait with bated breath and wonder if it is they that will benefit from this potential superstar. Nebraska fans and Cal fans did some waiting of their own today and when the day was one, while they didn't get the ultimate answer, they got some pretty good leads as to just what to expect in the end.

I've seen this so many times, I don't know why it even surprises me when it happens. Ndamukong Suh was slated to make his decision on where he was going to college, the choices apparently down to California and Nebraska.

Well, the time when it was supposed to happen came and went, so being the busy body reporters that we recruiting guys are, we called whoever we could to try and narrow this down.

First, you go over what led up to believing that this decision was indeed to happen yesterday. Ok, so for us, it was Suh himself saying he was committing on Tuesday when we talked to him this last Saturday down in San Antonio. After that, it was his mother that we talked to that said the same thing, stating that he would indeed be announcing on Tuesday. And, it was the A.D. of Grant high school where Suh takes classes that said per the basketball coach, he was making his announcement on Tuesday.

Of course, no matter who says it, if it i9s not Ndamukong himself, it's not going to mean a lot in the end.

That's what ended up happening. Yes, Suh was supposed to announce, but had a change of heart. "He just came home and said that he didn't want to do it on Tuesday," Ndamukong's mother said. "He just wanted to make sure that he was confident in what he thought his final decision was going to be."

That didn't mean that the day was totally out, because Nebraska's defensive line coach John Blake was going to be visiting that night and for us, it's an opportunity for a recruit to either change his mind, make it up for good or get some more input to think about.

Turns out, it was the last of the trio, but for Suh's mother, it was a very positive visit. "We got a lot from that visit," she said. "Ndamukong just needed to confirm some things, reaffirm some things and I think the visit went very well in doing that."

"He got the questions answered that he had still either not asked yet or wanted to be sure of the answer."

That sounded almost definitive without being such, but of course, until Ndamukong says it himself on Thursday when he's now expected to officially announce, it's not a story.

Of course, that's not true either. Suh was the story all day as fans waited, watched the message boards and for hours on end, resided in chat rooms waiting for the moment where Suh declared for either California or Nebraska.

That's what a recruit like this means, Suh touted as one of the better defensive tackles around and certainly one of the best on the west coast. Size, speed and quickness, Suh's stock has only increased as the recruiting months have dwindled now to only a couple of weeks until that fateful signing day arrives.

The great thing is that regardless of the change, Husker fans will still be treated to two announcements in a row, wide receiver Chris Brooks stating last night that he would be letting the coaches of both Nebraska and Missouri know today which school he's decided to attend.

For Brooks, he was already a commit to Missouri, but in the tenth hour, he decided that he would visit Nebraska just to make sure that he kept his options open and saw what else was out there. In an update that we did with him following the visit, it was a learning experience according to Brooks and thus, there is some drama as to just where he will commit or where he will RE commit.

His announcement or the news of his announcement is expected in the afternoon today and Suh is anticipated to be in the late hours of school on Thursday.

Nebraska fans have a chance to see their class go from already solid to epic in proportion with the addition of just these two athletes. But, of course, NU fans aren't looking to the end of just this week, but the end of January itself. More recruits, possibly and arguably the biggest potential commit of the class, Reggie Smith has yet to decide and it's figured to be between Oklahoma, Nebraska and USC.

That's recruiting and if you have followed it for some time, the drama building now reminds of times following names like Holiday, Zbikowski and Byers. It's a rolaids moment that lasts almost an entire month and sometimes more.

If you were to ask most recruiniks, they might say that this is the best and worst time of year for them.

After it's all done, they would probably say ‘ok, so who's the next big commit for NU?".

Welcome to recruiting in January.

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