Jordan Picou in his own words

The plan for so many out of high school is to attend the same school and play ball again together at the next level. Few get that chance. However, hearing about their stories are always good for those that have hope. Then you hear about Jordan and Rodney Picou and it was more than hope, it was fate.

Jordan Picou committeed to Nebraska this past week, site un-seen. It's not like he hadn't heard of it before though. Jordan's "little cousin", Rodney Picou, is also committed to Nebraska as part of the same recruiting class.

"I committed to Nebraska. I haven't taken an official visit there yet. It was really the normal process. I got to talk to the coaches and I did get to meet Coach Busch. I am going to meet Coach Wagner this week. It's a verbal commitment. I haven't signed yet."

"There weren't any coaches here when I decided to commit. It was just me and my parents. I spoke to Coach Wagner a little bit on the phone. We talked about school and stuff."

Some of the questions surrounding Jordan are about his ability. Jordan played a huge role in Mt. SAC's team success this past season. "This is my second year of school here. I didn't start last year. I played a little bit, more off and on. I started this year. I made all-conferece, all-league and MVP of the offensive line."

Knowing how key Jordan was to his junior college's success one would look for a productive prep career. Don't bother. Picou mainly played basketball and his varsity experience playing football consisted of three quarters and a broken bone. He wasn't even able to play Pop Warner football growing up.

"Rodney and I weren't able to play Pop Warner either because we were both too big. So we played basketball and beat up on them."

"I played my high school football at Eisenhower, but I didn't even really get to play football there. I really only got to play JV. It's a long story. My freshman and sophomore year at Eisenhower I played basketball. After that I went to a private school, Notre Dame, and I played football there. I broke my collar bone in the first game in the third quarter. That was my first real time playing football."

"I didn't play the rest of the season. After that season or rather that semester I left and came back to Eisenhower. I thought that I could go back out for football my senior year, but the CIF came in and thought that I was recruited by Notre Dame, which wasn't the case, so I couldn't play varsity, but I could play junior varsity."

Jordan is needing to finish up his current academic load and some additional classes before he can move to Nebraska to take part of the summer conditioning activities. "Hopefully I will graduate in May if I get all of my classes finished up and add the right classes that I need to add. Most likely, it would probably be in June. I will be there as soon as possible."

The chance to play football in college is something that Rodney was at least trying to do with Jordan. So how big was it when Jordan got the offer to the same team that Rodney was committed to?

"It was big for me. I saw where Rodney came from and how he grew up and the area. I knew about the trials and tribulations that he went through. I was kind of shocked when he told me about Nebraska because it was always SC this and SC that. He said that he went to visit Nebraska and loved the atmosphere, the people, the coaches and the fan commitment. He told me about that and I just said 'cool'."

"I got the offer and I just said 'OK, I am going to be a Husker.' I had some offers from some other Division I-AA and some Division II schools."

Jordan was supposed to be able to come to San Antonio and take in some of the events surrounding the U.S. Army All-American Bowl and see his cousin play. He was unable to make the trip though. "I didn't make it. I wasn't able to. I couldn't make the arrangements."

"I liked it. I always tell him that he can do more and do better. He always says that about me. We always watch eachother and give eachother advice."

Seems like these two are good for one another when it comes to improving eachother's skills. The two will have at least the next three to four years to doing that personally as part of the Nebraska Cornhusker, varsity, football team.

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