Star wideout still looking at NU

Up and down, up and down. That's recruiting for anyone that follows it, but for most that experience it as well. We are talking teenagers here, most still very much like teenagers, prone to changing their minds on a whim even with what would appear to be the biggest of decisions. That's what is in front of Brandon La Fell and he's feeling a little bit of that right now. It's just how he feels on Feb. 2nd that matters.

Brandon La Fell has a problem. The problem is, when he wakes up some days, he's a gator. When he wakes up others, he's dawning the classic "N" from Nebraska and other days, he's a future Tiger for LSU.

That's the problem. La Fell doesn't wake up thinking about only one school every single day. "It's just weird how I'll think about one team and it will seem like that's the place to be," La Fell said. "Then, it's another the next day, back to one the next day and just on and on."

"Basically, I don't know what I want to do."

That's a luxury when you think that his indecisiveness is the by-product of so much interest from schools like LSU, Miami, Florida, Nebraska and others. So much so, that Florida's new head coach (Urban Meyer) was in this house just this week and Les Miles, the new head coach for LSU is expected to be coming soon.

That makes for an interesting recruiting process, especially when you can't sit down and think at this point that anyone stands above the rest. "There's something good about all the schools," Brandon said. "It's not like any of them stink. They all have positives and I guess I am just trying to figure out which one has the most."

Florida is up as La Fell's last visit, that to take place the 28th and during that time, Meyer will no doubt give Brandon as much of a red carpet tour that is allowed. La Fell is interested in that, of course, but he's not interested in the show, rather THE show or one-man show in Gainesville.

Chris Leak

It's not even Chris Leak so much as it's the fact that everyone has gotten a chance to see him and for La Fell he knows the guy can throw the ball. That's the bottom line for him, because, while he appreciates the coaches at each school, he said for him, he's looking far more at who their QB is rather than who's teaching the wideouts.

"You can be the best receiver in the world, but if the quarterback can't get the ball to you, it doesn't matter," he said. "I'm looking for a place that has one of those guys, someone that spreads the ball around, can make plays, but can just get the ball out there consistently."

Brandon knows who the quarterback at Florida is going to be and as for Georgia, that's pretty certain as well. For Nebraska specifically though, not even the die-hard Husker faithful know who the future signal-caller is going to be, regardless of how much they might like to guess.

Brandon said that with this decision, guessing is simply not in the plan. "I like Nebraska and that offense," La Fell said. "But, who's the quarterback? The guy they had this last season struggled a lot and left a lot of balls on the field. As a receiver, you want to know you are going to at least have a shot at those."

That doesn't take Nebraska out of the mix by any stretch of the imagination. During La Fell's recruiting, he has become all too aware of players like Harrison Beck and more recently, junior college transfer Zac Taylor.

La Fell isn't ready to rule anyone out until after his Florida visit is over. Then, he said that he's wasting no time in figuring out where he wants to go. "When I get home, I plan on making a decision," he said. "After this visit, that should be all I need to know."

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