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In an effort to become the most comprehensive site we are capable of being, Husker Connection seeks to move forward with each passing day. Supplying both accurate and current information becomes a staple to that end. In that effort, we are seeking help from you. Whether you can write or not, whether you want to be credited or not, if you are passionate about the University of Nebraska Lincoln and want to contribute in some way, we want to talk to you.

It is our role that we have as a Nebraska site to offer you something different, to offer you something interesting and foremost, to offer you something accurate from day-to-day. From information about the team to those juicy tid-bits about recruits, our goal has and will always be to offer information that is current, that is what people want to know and it's dependable in it's accuracy so that the program is reflected in a positive manner.

It is about the love of this program and all the good it has done and will yet do and we want to reflect that and promote it to our greatest ability, but we need your help. It's not a one-man job or even a two-man job, but the work of a collective reaching for a common goal and that is to provide information both current and accurate and promote what's great about this school. If you want to write, if you want to offer analysis or simply have information you want to share that you think others should know, we want you on our team.

Be a part of what we are trying to do in front or behind the scenes. What you have to offer is what you can do combined with the passion that we all have for this program and that is what we are looking for. You want to be a part of that? You want to help Husker Connection become a site that not only is home to passionate Huskers, but gives you information about them that people can count on, send an e-mail to us at and be part of what we are aspiring to be and that is a great representative of the program and a place Husker faithful can call home.

(From Kim)
Also, we will be putting together our own list of Juniors to Watch, which will give us a starting point for next year.

If you live in a different part of the country and have access to any lists of upcoming players, please email them to or and we will compile them for our future use.

Thanks much in advance!

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