Countdown To Signing Day

You are winding up, but getting ready to wind down, right? Signing day is almost here, you are ready for that February 2nd explosion and then, wham, bam, you are out of here and trying to get to know your family and friends once more. Well, not so fast my friend, because if you think Signing day is the end, you are going to find out that it's only the beginning.

Look at this recruiting class. None of you and I repeat that, NONE of you thought Nebraska would be where it is right now, looking to sign the kind of class it's about to sign. Because of the windfall in luring the preps to the Husker state, the interest in recruiting has skyrocketed.

That is partly due to the class, but more to do with the fact that recruiting isn't just for the pathetic diehard anymore.

It's almost mainstream.

Oh yeah, check out the radio shows, the sports on your local networks and around the country as you see that recruiting isn't just for the uber-fan, but now the average fan is getting in on the fun.

The drama, the stars, rankings, minds of teenagers changing on a whim, it's the attraction, frustration and ultimately the worm on the hook that has gotten millions around the country snagged, but never wanting off.

That's where we come in. Actually, services like ours are the reason it has gotten to the way it is, because were it not for the service, there wouldn't be the interest on this level that there is as of right now.

And, it's only going to increase.

For this signing day, we here at Big Red Report will bring you the same great signing day coverage that we have brought you as Husker Connection in years prior. Up to the minute coverage, letting you know right when those coveted Letters of Intents are in.

But, just when you are ready to turn off your computer and learn what your wife's name is again, don't look now, because the coverage doesn't stop there.

What? You don't care about next year's class right now? You aren't concerned about what guys like Josh Freeman, Myron Rolle, Demaro Murray, Ryan Fisicaro and D.J. Jones are thinking and more importantly, WHO they are thinking about right now? Well, you might want to rethink that philosophy because kids are committing sooner than ever the more intense the recruiting coverage gets.

And, what about Spring practice and ultimately the red/white game where you see some of these new commits hit the field and get a slight glimpse of your Huskers to come? You don't care about that either?

May evaluations come up and coaches go out and personally evaluate those that they are looking to be part of that next great class for Nebraska.

After that, it's the summer camps and who can forget the coverage last year as we brought you photo galleries and reports of the three regular sessions and the elite QB camp , where we profiled some of the best like Reggie Smith and some of the future best like A.J. Wallace who is already considered a Reggie Smith type for 2006.

It's not over as we go from there into taking all those kids we added from the All-American combine (some 600 plus), add them to those we track down from the camps and evaluations and profile them all, find out who's interested in Nebraska and who (if anyone) decides early that NU is the place they want to be.

It happens every year and this year will undoubtedly be no different.

Then, it's Fall camp, video interviews with players new and old. Sound bytes, practice reports, bringing you the best of everything you need as you prepare to see just who from this landmark class will actually hit the field their first year.

That's the great thing about great classes and we have now seen what this staff can do with a year to work, but now they have almost a full year under their belt and recruiting could only get better down the road.

Scary, isn't it?

That's why recruiting is the big thing now and promises to be that for the future. So, jump on board if you aren't or plan on for another great ride, because before this recruiting year ends, the other has already begun.

It's our countdown to signing day, the countdown that never ends. Get your fix today and has debuted yet another great deal, a three month package that lets you get all you can handle of up to the minute recruiting coverage on That goes with the monthly, six-month and annual package , giving you a huge variety to choose from in finding something that fits your addiction and budget.

No more excuses as the coverage will only get better this year.

Yes, we understand that during this recruiting season you have probably forgotten the names of your family, pets and friends. But, it's about priorities, darnit and it's not about names, it's about stars, rankings and wondering just what each standout can do for your team.

We bring you the best of that, all year every year and here's your best and most diverse way to take advantage right now.

Get in, jump on, join the fun and become a part of the madness that is the world of the recruitnik, because nowadays, recruiting season never ends. It just waits for a new beginning.

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