Tomerlin still a future Spartan after NU official?

Going into his official visit to Nebraska, Butler County rush end/tight end had a huge list of things that he was looking for from the Huskers. 22 things to be exact. Criteria ranging from the school, the academics to the future and even the climate. Now, that visit in the books, Tomerlin talked about it and if Nebraska hit those criteria or if he's cemented now for Michigan State.

Butler County's Justin Tomerlin had a list 22 things on that list were what he was looking for in a school. Not just Nebraska, though, as this list has been a by-product of his experience with many schools, all stemming from his high school recruiting experience.


Justin took that list to Lincoln, ran down that list over the almost two days of his visit and took his own measure of what kind of place Nebraska was.


The Huskers came out pretty good.


"They hit them all dead on," Tomerlin said of Nebraska scoring positives in the criteria he had laid out. "And, I have to tell you, I didn't think they could. I really wasn't expecting much when I got here."


Justin, a current verbal to Michigan State said that this visit was an honest visit to get an idea of what other schools had to offer, but when it came to actually agreeing to make the visit, Tomerlin said that he was partly doing it for himself, but more to placate a close friend and former teammate. "I was doing it basically because Zac (Taylor) wanted me to check it out. When I got here, I was thinking that Nebraska had about a 10 percent chance."


And now?


"Things a lot different now." He said.


It's funny about expectations. Sometimes they are too high, sometimes too low, but when you go to a place expecting little to nothing that would sway you as to your current status as a commit to another team, you could be looking to simply get the trip over with and move on.


Justin said that to an extent, he had that mind-set, thinking that he would go through the motions, but by the end of the day, he would still be securely a future Spartan. "I didn't know anything about Nebraska coming into this outside of the runs they had in the mid-90s and early 70s," Tomerlin said. "There was no way in the world I was expecting what I experienced this weekend."


"Nebraska totally blew me away."


What took Tomerlin aback wasn't any one thing that might have been on his checklist, but a host of things and even in that short amount of time he had to take it all in, he took a lot of it in. "I had my list and it was just a bunch of these little things," he said. "But, Nebraska kept hitting them and kept hitting them and it was like this place was too good to be true."


"And, after I talked to coach Callahan for like an hour and a half, that pretty much cemented the experience for me."


Tomerlin said that going into his trip the Spartans were sitting pretty good as at best, Nebraska was looking at having around a 25 percent chance for him. Now, Justin is heading back to Kansas with a whole different number in mind. "It's fifty-fifty," Justin said. "Believe me, I never would have thought that I would be leaving thinking a lot of the stuff I am. I didn't think that Nebraska could show me enough to get to this point."


"They did, though, and when you look at this crazy fan-base, the facilities they are putting up, the coaches they have who are all awesome, Nebraska is going to be in a short time making a 180 degree turn. It's hard not to want to be a part of that."


As much of home run Nebraska hit over this weekend, Justin didn't commit, resolved to make sure that everyone in his life is going to be involved in the overall process of making sure about the Division 1-A school he attends.


From his parents in California to his girlfriend in Florida, everyone is going to have at least some say in his final choice.


To that end, Tomerlin said that Nebraska isn't wasting the opportunity to put the Huskers over the top, coaches from NU making trips all in the same day to see those people that will be significant in his final decision. "I know there are a couple of coaches coming here, a couple of coaches going to California to see my parents and a couple going to see my girlfriend in Florida and all in the same day," Justin said. "They understand how important they all are in my decision, so they are going out on Tuesday and after that, I will figure out everything with all of them not long after."


By Wednesday or Thursday according to Tomerlin, possible visits to Cal and Georgia looking rather unlikely. But, Justin still isn't totally committing to anything. "I am making the decision for myself after everything is all said and done," he said. "But, I am thinking that I will know what I want to do pretty soon after I sit down and talk to my girlfriend and my family."


Even if he does come to a decision right away, Justin said that more than likely, he'll wait until signing day to reveal just where that will be, but for Husker fans, they can at least be satisfied in knowing that Nebraska did exactly what they needed to do to make sure that they are one of his top choices when February 2nd arrives.


"For me and I judge it differently than some people, but this trip was definitely a 10," Tomerlin said. "Outside of picking the state up and moving it a little farther south, I wouldn't change a thing about Nebraska. I like what they are doing, the future they have and it I think that things are going to be pretty good for their future."

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