Reggie Smith Discusses In-Home Visits

Reggie Smith continues to be one of the hottest prospects in the country and as Signing Day approaches, everyone wants to know what he thinks of his top schools. Is he leaning one way or another, does any school have an edge? Also, what did Reggie think of his U.S. Army All-American Bowl experience?

As the trek towards Signing Day continues, some of the major players in the 2004-2005 class are starting to make up their minds and choose an affiliation with a college program.  One such decision that some very prominent schools are waiting for is that of Edmond, Oklahoma's Reggie Smith.  The in-house visits have begun for Smith and the pressure is on to decide.  "I had one from USC today.  It went pretty well, had a good planned out visit.  They knew what they were gonna do and showed me a lot of stuff.  It was a strong push, it was nice to hear that stuff and I'm waiting on the other two to come in and sit down and really think about it," he said.  Those other two schools are Oklahoma and Nebraska, both of which are looking to push very hard for Reggie's signature.


Reggie wants to make it clear that he's not anticipating being a February 1st announcement; he just wants to get the facts and make a decision.  "I don't want to wait that long I want to take a few days to sit and reflect on everything.  I'm hoping two to three days before the actual signing day," said Smith.  Southern Cal, Oklahoma and Nebraska are all dead even according to Reggie. 


Recently, Smith had an opportunity to play with some of the country's best prospects at the U.S. Army All-American Game.  Just how was the experience for Smith?  "It was great.  We got to play against some of the best people in the nation, the stars of the college level.  It was good to see how it was going to be like and how fast the speed was to that extent," he said.  Reggie's favorite part wasn't necessarily the game.  "It was all the stuff we got, we got a whole bunch of stuff.  Football stuff like girdles and practice pants, game jersey, rebook stuff," said Smith.  With Nebraska having so many commitments down in San Antonio, one has to wonder if Reggie got a chance to converse with them much.  "Yeah, Phil Dillard is in Tulsa and CraigRoark is in Ada so I got to talk to them and know them pretty good. Leon Jackson and Marlon Lucky, too," he said.  Did Smith take anything away from his conversations with the future Cornhuskers? "I just figured that they're ready to come out there and turn it around," he said.


A lot of buzz has been made about a gesture that Reggie made during the U.S. Army Game, a gesture that is commonly seen by a Nebraska defender once a bit play is made.  Crossing the forearms or "throwing up the bones" may be a familiar site for Cornhusker fans, but Reggie says that it wasn't an indication of his allegiance.  "Here in Edmond, our DBs, we throw that up, one's a D and one's the B," he said.  The question remains, will Smith be making the sign at USC, Oklahoma or will it find a familiar spot in Lincoln?

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