NU heads coastal, continues push for Tomerlin

It's not something you hear about every day. Heck, it's something that I personally have never heard of at all. Three trips to see four different people and all for one single recruit. That's what the Nebraska staff did today as they went from coast to coast visiting family and soon to be family in hopes of securing the commit of Justin Tomerlin. Ok, so, how did it go?

Even Justin Tomerlin said it wasn't necessary. For what is five coaches to make three trips, one to see him of course, but also one to see his family in California and his girlfriend who attends Florida State. That's a lot of miles and Justin said that it shows just how much Nebraska has interest in him. "They didn't really need to do that," Justin said of coach Jay Norvell heading down to Florida to visit Justin's girlfriend Kristine. "It is great that they did, though, because we are spending the rest of our lives together, so what she thinks is pretty important to me."


Justin has had a chance to talk to Kristine after Norvell came by to say hello and typical to what he said about his official visit in Lincoln, Tomerlin found himself impressed. "She said it went good, actually real good," Justin said. "You don't know what to expect with that, but I guess it probably went better than we thought it would, so that's a definite positive for Nebraska."


It's been a slew of positives for Nebraska since Tomerlin took his trip just this last weekend. From his checklist of 22 criteria that he said Nebraska hit "dead on" with all of them to see what was in store for the future, Nebraska has seemingly looked not like a team trying to get noticed, but now the team to beat.


Tomerlin said that even if the visit scheduled with his parents tonight with coaches John Blake and Bill Busch, he's not going to do anything rash. "It's all been a positive, but even if it is, I know I am not making a decision tonight or tomorrow," he said. "But, tomorrow, I will probably know if I am going to make that visit to see Cal or not."


Another team that like Nebraska, has tried to woo Tomerlin out of his current status as a commit to the Michigan State Spartans, the Bears are trying desperately to get one of those coveted visits if they can. Tomerlin still says that is a possibility, but he doesn't know quite yet. "I've already talked to my girlfriend and I will talk to my dad tonight," Justin said. "After that, it will be time to start thinking everything through."


With Nebraska putting on the full court press, Tomerlin still hasn't felt the pressure like he did when he was a prep that ultimately chose Florida State. Most of that feeling of ease comes from what you might expect; age and with that, maturity. "I don't know that I would say I know exactly what I am doing, because you never know with stuff like this," Tomerlin said. "But, I am more careful, I look at more things and I know that when I get this all out of the way, it's going to be the right decision for me."


There's no timetable for Tomerlin right now. While Cal still looms as a possible visit, Justin is looking to take whatever amount of time he thinks it will take. With that being said, Justin also said that before even he realizes, his decision could be right in front of him and all he has to do is make the call. "I'm looking at having great choices no matter who I choose out of these teams," he said. "Maybe it will just hit me and that will be that, but I know that no matter who it is out of those teams, I'll be going to a good place."


Tomerlin said and I will reiterate that come tomorrow he could have a decision made as to whether or not he will be heading on an official visit to see Cal. If he doesn't, that puts it squarely between the Spartans and the Huskers.


Regardless of how that turns out, Tomerlin knows what's up and he knows that with everything he's experienced over the last week, his final choice may end up being good no matter who it is, but that doesn't mean it's going to be easy to figure out which one it will be. "I've got a tough choice in front of me," Justin said. "That's good, because it means that all the schools are great institutions, but it just makes it that much harder to decicde."


"I will sometime soon though and I'll know that it will be the perfect decision for me."

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