Barry Turner drops one from his list

For any recruit that is still amongst those not committed with about a week to go before signing day, this is a time where there's a frantic pace in taking their list, checking it, re-checking it and seeing if they can get it narrowed down. Barry Turner did that and ala the survivor, one of his final three was voted off of the island.

It's not easy taking teams off of your list when you are one of the more coveted recruits around. Chances are, coaches from each of those staffs have done everything they can to befriend you and get to know you both as a player and a person.


That means when it does come down to those times that a team or more must be let go, it's a decision that is necessary, but nobody said it was easy.


Today, Barry Turner let one go today. "I took Vanderbilt off of my list," he said. "It's hard, because the coaches have been great and it's a great program, but I had to get my list narrowed down and it just came down to Tennessee and Nebraska."


Turner went onto say about Vanderbilt that it wasn't anything the coaches didn't do, but just a matter of going with his gut as much as his head. "They did a great job recruiting me," Turner said. "You can't go wrong with how they do their jobs."


"I don't like saying no to people I genuinely like and respect, but it's getting to be that time and I have to come to some sort of decision."


That decision will now pit the Vols versus the Huskers, another that Turner isn't thrilled about making in the end. While he knows the program he's eventually heading to will be solid, he'll have the sore task of telling one more of these schools that he's going to another place.


Barry does realize the end result and he said that while he's enjoyed the recruiting process and getting to know all of the coaches that have recruited him, he's glad that this road is finally about to end. "It's a privilege to be in this position," he said. "How many can have their choice of schools to go to and be able to play sports while they are there?"


"I am blessed, so when I make my decision, I won't take anything for granted. I know it will be the right place for me."

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