Tomerlin makes his decision

It was supposed to be pretty cut and dry from the moment he verbally agreed to attend Michigan State. Well, that's how recruiting goes, though, as the best laid plans often find themselves on the scrap heap. Nebraska helped in doing just that for Justin Tomerlin as a late push put them neck and neck with the Spartans, forcing Justin to have to take a step back, think about and decide. He made his decision today.

First and foremost, where Justin Tomerlin was going to go to college was going to be a choice he would make alone. Despite the fact that he wanted input from his parents who reside in California and his girlfriend who attends Florida State, Tomerlin knew that in the end, it was going to be up to him.

That didn't stop schools, more specifically Nebraska, though, from making sure that every factor was taken into account.

Following Tomerlin's visit to Nebraska, one that he graded out as a "10", the Husker staff meeting all of his 22 criteria that he set before making the trip, Justin went home thinking that it was now 50/50 between Nebraska and the Spartans.

Not one to sit on their laurels, Nebraska wasted no time in taking one day to personally visit his girlfriend (Kristine) in Florida, his parents in California and Justin himself back at Butler Community College.

It's hard to ignore something like that. "It was pretty incredible what they were doing to make sure everyone that was part of my decision knew what was going on," Tomerlin said. "What they did as far as that goes had a pretty big impact on my decision."

While it was impressive and perhaps even moving, Tomerlin was steadfast in taking the logical approach to his school, wanting this second time around to be perfect. That's why the visit to Nebraska even though he was a verbal to Michigan State and figured he would be going there as it is.

Not anymore.

"I'm heading to Nebraska," he said. "It wasn't an easy decision to come to, but after everything I have seen and looked as far as my future, that just seemed like the place to be"

The choice didn't come easy as Tomerlin said.. With all the effort Nebraska put into luring this young man to Lincoln, it wasn't as if Nebraska was the automatic choice after he visited and the coaches subsequently visited himself along with his girlfriend and his family. Michigan State was still in it until the end. "I looked at a lot of different situations and Michigan State was there for a reason," he said. "But, after looking at everything, if I was going to Michigan State, I would be committed and I wouldn't have looked around. So, part of me needed to know if there was something else out there."

If what Nebraska was doing wasn't enough, add to the allure of the Huskers the fact that now, two former teammates at Butler just this last year are also future Huskers themselves. "Yeah, it was a pretty good deal with Zac and now Frantz being there," he said. "It didn't impact my decision like what the coaches did with what they were doing to keep my family and girlfriend informed, but will be nice to play with those guys again."

With the decision behind him, though, and the future of playing tight end in front of him, Justin is just glad now that one chaper is closed and another is about to begin. "I am excited," Justin said. "Now that it's over and I can think about the future, I am just as excited as I can be."

Tomerlin had 16 and a half sacks for Butler County last year, but was recruited and committed to Florida State as a tight end. He'll play that position with the Huskers.

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