Barry Turner's recruiting comes to an end

For a player that has 40 plus offers, recruiting has been almost quiet. Well, at least from the outside looking in. It hasn't stopped Barry Turner, however, from being one of the hottest topics when it came to schools looking for a solid rush end. Well, it came down to Tennessee and Nebraska and this morning Barry decided that it was time to pull the trigger and he told us where he was going to go.

"I'm a Cornhusker baby." That's what Brentwood Academy's Barry Turner had to say to Big Red Report this morning. After a long recruiting process, Turner follows fellow Tennessee natives like Josh and Daniel Bullocks, exiting the Volunteer state for the land of Scarlet and Cream.

And, you know what? For Barry, the choice was almost easy. "The relationships I built with Nebraska were incredible," Barry said. "Coach Blake has been wonderful the entire time, but the other coaches and basically everything, it's been the biggest reason why I chose Nebraska. They always treated me like a person first and player second so I know that when they are talking about my future, it's the whole deal and not just what I can do on the field."

That future will be in front of almost 80,000 fans, something he got a taste of when he was on his official visit during the season. That was another reason that put Nebraska over the top. "Tennessee is known for their fans, because they pack so many into that stadium," Barry said. "But, Nebraska fans are just crazy. They are so into that program and when I was there, I didn't think anyone knew me, but I had to sign autographs and it seemed like everyone knew my name."

It's the kind of feeling that he and his mother were looking for. A little home with a lot of potential down the road. Potential is just what Barry is looking at as one of his biggest goals is to make an impact right away. "You bet I want to play right away," he said. "Every player wants to get out on that field and show what they can do."

"It may not happen and if so, I'll know that I did whatever I could to make it happen. It's about doing everything you can to reach your goals."

There's always been a quiet side to Barry. When you don't see him on the field, he's usually soft-spoken, very courteous and even somewhat reserved. Forget that once he steps on the field, however, because as he says "it's on".

"It's football baby," he said. "Pin it back and get after someone and try and dominate from start to finish. That's what it's all about. You can't even feel good about what you are doing out there unless you are making the other team sorry they even showed up."

"That's why every football player should play the game."

It's why he plays the game and why he's already anticipating playing it the second he steps on campus at Nebraska. It's thoughts of Scarlet and Cream, the Sea of Red and the tunnelwalk he got a brief glimpse of on his one official into Lincoln.

Barry also has something else on his mind, something that most probably didn't even think about when it came to Nebraska, because Nebraska hasn't been in the position it is now in for a very, very long time. "We got to get back," Barry said. "We're going to come back and Nebraska is going to be on top again."

"Nobody goes to Nebraska to just do ok. It's about hardware and winning a lot of it and I plan on doing everything I can to help this team get back to where it was."

Barry chose Nebraska over Tennessee and Vanderbilt

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