California Cornerback cements next commit

It wasn't just a couple of days ago when we gave you your first real knowledge of Pierce College cornerback Bryan Wilson. The stagnant years rehabbing from injuries to the flurried latter moments of recruiting, it would seem to be feast for famine for this California native. Well, today it's a feast as the injury bugs are behind him and now he's got a division 1-A future in store.

He separated his shoulder while at Granada Hills High school in California………twice. He broke his leg before he ever got to play a down while at College of the Canyons junior college. In fact, you could say that for the better part of two years it was just the dreams of playing big-time collegiate football that sustained him, but frustration at losing hope for the actual realization of that dream.

One year at Pierce College changed his fortunes, though, Bryan finally staying healthy and doing what he could prove to everyone what he could do. Thanks to a stout all around defense, Wilson's statistics weren't gaudy, but considering how many times he reported being thrown to, it's not too darn bad. "I think they only threw my way maybe 14 times all year," Wilson said. "So, getting nine of those deflected isn't too bad I guess."

Not bad at all and Wilson threw in a sack, a fumble recovery and 39 tackles to complete what for him wasn't just a decent year, but an actual full year of play. If you haven't been through this before, you wouldn't know what kind of luxury that can be. "It makes you appreciate being out there, I know that," Wilson said. "You stand on the sidelines and know you can do the job they can and even better, but you sit just watching them."

Bryan isn't watching anymore and as they say and what's the most important right now is thinking about the future, one he might have gotten a glimpse last weekend. On his first official visit to a "major" conference team, Wilson was starting to get the feel of his dream coming back to reality. The trip to Nebraska this last weekend, though, for him Texas Tech now seemed like a warm up. "What you get when you visit here (Nebraska) is that feeling they had back at USC when they were coming off that 5-7 year," Wilson said. "The fans, players, coaches, everyone is just busting at the seams for the next year to come."

"You can feel like everyone is ready for that next big run and it reminds me of USC right before they went on theirs. Everyone is just really excited about the future."

That feeling along with everything else was enough that before Bryan left, he put his name beside that of 31 others in being a commit to the Huskers for the class of 2005. And, it wasn't the facilities or even the facilities to be that grabbed him and didn't let go. "It's the people," he said. "It's the family atmosphere, being able to hang out with the coaches and just talking like everyone knows each other real well. Everyone is so close here, that you feel like this is a place you can come in and just be part of one big family. That's hard to find."

Recruited to play the cornerback position, Wilson's presence will be heartily welcomed to a unit that has all of a sudden become depleted. Having lost cornerback Fabian Washington and safety Josh Bullocks to the draft along with the reported de-commit of Texas CB Calvin Mickens, it will be up to guys like Wilson along with Zack Bowman as two guys with some college experience, albeit at a different level, that can come in and help right away.

Regardless of the depth, however, that's what Wilson was planning already. "I'm ready to get in there and go," he said. "This is where I knew I would end up as far as the level of college and now I am ready to get out there and show what I can do."

"There's great things that are going to be happening here and I think I couldn't have timed this any better. I think Nebraska is definitely the place to be."

Wilson will have three years to play three, but because of missing an entire year of junior college ball, he also is able to apply for a fourth year if desired.

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