Jackson aims at passing test

Leon Jackson gets ready to sign this Wednesday, but that is just a small piece of getting to Lincoln. Jackson is working on pulling up his grades and passing the SAT. By the sounds of it, he aims to do just that.

Last year, Husker fans were faced with one of their running back recruits having to get qualified late. Brandon Jackson did it though and played as a true freshman for Nebraska.

Brandon was a unique situation and obtained a disability waiver from the NCAA. Through the waiver process, Jackson was able to take untimed tests and had a little over a month longer to get qualified opposed to players who didn't have a waiver.

That said, Nebraska fans will know a whole lot about Leon Jackson's situation now. The U.S. Army All-American recently received his waiver from the NCAA and re-took his SAT for the first time two weeks ago.

"Yes, I got my disability waiver. I took the test already, but I am going to take it again unless I passed it. I don't have my score back yet, but I should have my score back in a week."

Jackson is fully aware of the benefits that he will receive as part of the waiver. "I get an untimed test first of all. I also get an extended period to get qualified."

So many questions have popped up recently about Husker commits and their academic eligibility. Many ask who and what is their academic status. Jackson wasn't totally sure the last time we caught up with him what his status was, but had some good answers tonight.

"I need an 820 to pass the test. At the end of first semester my core GPA was a 2.1. By the end of the year it should be about a 2.7 or 2.8 by the end of the year. I am re-taking some classes this semester."

Before this semester ends and before he gets his test score back Jackson will cross a very important milestone. This Wednesday Jackson will sign his letter of intent for the University of Nebraska.

"Oh yeah, I'm ready for Wednesday. Nobody came at me late to get me to change my mind. Washington totally backed off of me about two weeks before I went to San Antonio," Jackson said.

One thing in San Antonio that was discovered was the Jackson was suffering from a bit of a knee injury. He strained it playing basketball and has since quit playing basketball to keep training for football this fall.

"The knee is fine. I doubt that I run track this spring. I think that I am just going to train, get ready. I want to improve my strength and quickness before I get to Lincoln. I'd also like to increase my endurance."

Big Red Report will bring you the latest on Leon Jackson's test scores and academic status as well as information about him signing his letter of intent.

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