Jayhawks drive past Nebraska

Nebraska realized right away that Kansas wasn't going to take them lightly this time around. Playing in front of a full house, the Huskers couldn't seem to get any lucky rolls, playing a huge part in the 78-65 victory for the Kansas Jayhawks.

Kansas came out firing right away led by senior All-American Wayne Simien and Keith Langford. Nebraska managed to keep right with the Jayhawks for a while, even taking the lead a few times before Kansas realized they had better put the Huskers away. At the beginning of the second half Kansas did just that, opening up a 12 point lead. Langford led the Jayhawks with 26 points and Simien pulled down 14 rebounds to go along with his 18 points.

Shooting was again the biggest obstacle to overcome for the Huskers. They only managed to shoot 36% from the floor while the hot shooting Jayhawks cashed in on 53% of their field goals. A couple other stats from the game really stood out as well. Kansas had 18 assists to go with 15 turnovers while the Huskers only had eight assists to go with 14 turnovers. These numbers correlate well with a lot of standing around by Nebraska waiting for someone to make a play, and, without Joe McCray playing during the majority of the second half, it never happened. The other stat that had a big impact on the game was the number two. It doesn't sound like a big number and may even give off the impression of something good. Well, that isn't the case when that number is how many fast break points Nebraska managed during the game. The Huskers have some good athletes on the roster and it's hard to imagine not wanting to push the ball a little more and get some easy shots against a team who clearly has more skill.

A lone bright spot from the disappointing game was Jason Dourisseau who had a career high 24 points on 8-12 shooting and received his first MVP of the game this year. Dourisseau pulled off a few amazing spin moves and showed why I like to call him the zone buster. It's not because of his ability to shoot, it comes from his uncanny talent to get to the basket and use his athleticism at will. Wes Wilkinson and John Turek both chipped in 12 points as well for the Huskers. Turek would have had a 20 point night if Nebraska had kept it a two or three possession game down the stretch, but the score got out of hand and it forced the Huskers to settle for nothing but three-pointers.

Nebraska is now 10-9 overall and 3-5 in Big XII conference play. The Huskers have a home game against Iowa State Tuesday at 7:05 p.m.

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