Colorado OL interested in hearing from Nebraska

It's called "cherry-picking" and that is exactly what Nebraska would like to do this year with John Kyed. He's growing up in the University of Colorado's backyard and grew up watching the Buffs. Kyed will most likely be one of the most highly recruited players in the state of Colorado this year.

A good one is growing up in Colorado's backyard this year. John Kyed (pronounced like Kide) is a 6-foot-6, 280 pound offensive tackle from Boulder (Colo.) has that size that you look for in a tackle.

He also has the speed carrying a 5.2 time in the 40-yard dash. What he also has is underestimated in a player, intelligence. It's needed for a lineman, and John has a lot of it. He carries a 4.35 GPA on a weighted 4.0 scale.

"We don't track knockdowns or grade out," Kyed said. "I was honorable mention all-region last year."

"I don't have any offers yet. I am getting a lot attention from Colorado, UCLA and Stanford. Those are the three that are showing me a lot of interest and those are the three that I am really interested in as well."

Although it's early, Kyed is favoring the teams that are looking at him the most. "Those are probably my three favorites right now. I am not really thinking about anyone else right now. I am kind of thinking about Oregon. I have been hearing a little bit from them. I have also been hearing a little bit from Wisconsin."

If any team holds an advantage here it is Colorado. There is that familiarity thing that CU has going for them as well as location. "I grew up watching Colorado. I am in Boulder so I have been going to CU games since I was seven or eight when my grandfather died. I have been going with my grandmother since then."

Kyed took in an out of state camp last year as well as attended the camp at Colorado and is a little undecided about what camps to attend this year. "I went to the UCLA camp last year and I also went to a one-day camp up at Colorado. It was a four or five day camp at UCLA."

The camps will give Kyed a great chance to get his name out there to other schools. One school that would like to get a shot at hosting him in a camp this summer would be Nebraska. There is already an interesting relationship that is shared between his head coach and a coach at Nebraska.

"I don't know a lot about Nebraska. I do know that Coach Carskie grew up in Chicago and knew Coach Bill Callahan a little bit. They also knew each other while he was up at Wisconsin. That is about the extent of my knowledge of Nebraska. I know that they have a great program out there."

Last year, Kyed met what he would call his toughest opponent to date. "One of the tougher guys was the defensive end from Grandview, Zach Jones, who I think just signed with Colorado. He was about my size and he was really quick. He matched me in size and quickness and he was really strong too. I matched up with him pretty well."

Jones is one of few defensive ends that will match up well with Kyed. He will normally have the size advantage going for him and is a tremendous athlete for as big as he is.

"My strong points are that I have big long arms and I can usually lock people out really well. I have really good feet and I am able to move in pass protection. I come off the ball really quickly and my biggest assets are my quickness and my balance. That's how I come to dominate people."

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