Nebraska Looks East For Athlete

One of the premiere names in college football recruiting for next year is a young man who is turning heads and raising eyebrows at some of the biggest football powerhouses across the United States. Just who is this junior marvel, what does he specialize in and who is in the running for his services?

Percy Harvin is a name that is going to be bandied about across the country over the next year or so in that he is, simply put, big time.  Harvin stands at 5' 11", tilts the scales at 182 pounds and ran a 4.34 electronic 40 during the junior combine down in San Antonio.  Landstown High School Head Football Coach Chris Beatty weighed in a bit on the situation of Harvin's recruitment.  Has Harvin been a fan of any particular school for a while now?  "I guess Florida State, he's been a fan of them but he's narrowed it down to six or seven schools but there's no favorite," said Beatty.  Those schools include USC, Miami (FL), Florida State, Virginia, Virginia Tech, Michigan and LSU.


Nebraska had quite a bit of interest in Percy, contacting him as early as this past Signing Day, so what did Percy think of the attention from the Cornhuskers?  "He's not really interested in Nebraska," said Beatty.  "We talked to them on Signing Day and he told them thanks, he was really appreciative but he didn't want to waste anybody's time."  Beatty weighed in on a few factors that will go into Harvin's eventual decision.  "I would say climate is a big factor, I think how he's used is definitely something big.  He wants to be able to be featured.  Playing time's a big thing, too."


Whoever ends up calling Percy Harvin a member of their 2005-2006 class will, indeed, be picking up a solid athlete.

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