Huskers Set Sights On Coveted Tight End

In Nebraska's new west coast offense, the need for quality receivers and tight ends is a must. Nebraska has identified one individual who might very well be able to step up and make a difference for the Big Red. Not only is this individual a quality football player, he spent last season playing with one of the top prospects in the country.

A product of Mission Viejo High School, Konrad Reuland reminds some of future USC quarterback Mark Sanchez. Not necessarily due to position, but in the same polite, well-spoken manner that Sanchez wowed the country with in addition to his vast array of skills. Reuland may very well prove to be as good of a tight end as his former teammate did a quarterback, however. Reuland stands 6' 6" and weighs in at 240 pounds, complimenting his 4.7 40 yard dash time. He benches 290 pounds, squats 540 pounds and carries a 3.85 GPA in the classroom, proving not only is he a top athlete, but a top student as well.

Reuland's honors this past year included being named First Team all South Coast League, First Team all Orange County, First Team All-CIF and First Team All-State Underclassman. Currently, he holds offers from the University of Nebraska and Duke University. He has interest in those two schools along with USC, California, Arizona, Notre Dame, Miami, Ohio State and Colorado. He claims his current favorites as Nebraska, Duke, USC, Stanford, California and Ohio State. He is currently planning on attending a Nike Camp in San Diego, California. Reuland defines his strong points as "playmaking ability, my hands, agility, and my speed" and he is working on becoming a very efficient blocker, having just picked up the game a couple years ago.

Chatting with Konrad, curiosity about any favorite school he might have came up. "In terms of where I'd want to go, it's still totally up in the air. I don't know enough about these schools to lean any way. The ones I named are at the front right now, but I haven't really seen anything. I grew up pretty big Ohio State fan, I was born in Ohio and growing up I've always liked them," he said. One of the schools who has offered Konrad to this point, Nebraska, seems to be pretty high on his list, as well. "I like their offense; I think that would benefit a tight end. The tradition is pretty amazing, actually. The 280-something consecutive sell outs at their games, so the tradition is great and that's something I'm interested in and like. (I like) Coach Callahan with all of the experience he has in the pro, that's pretty important to me," said Reuland.

Nebraska has made sure to let Konrad know that he's wanted in terms of communication. "Letters, a lot of letters, we've talked on the phone a couple times. Not too much as of late but I'm sure they were buys finishing up signing day," he said. Reuland has spoken most with Coach Scott Downing who has written Konrad hand-written letters. We also discussed some of the big factors that will weigh in on Reuland's final decision. "Academics are important to me, I want to make sure that if football doesn't work out that I have something to fall back on and location doesn't play any big part at all. I spent a year over in Germany as a foreign exchange student so it won't affect me being away from home," he said.

As of right now, Konrad is starting to plan out where he would like to visit. "Nothing is set up yet. Nebraska, I'm interested in visiting there, Ohio State and maybe some Florida schools. Notre Dame perhaps, Colorado and then of course the Pac-10 schools are pretty important. A couple of those I could do un-officials for," he said.

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