Huskers looking at William Rainey Harper again

While Nebraska thought that they got a great one in Steve Octavien last year from William Rainey Harper JUCO, they may not be done. There is a friend of Steve, a lifelong friend that is counting the days and completing the classes so that he may have a chance to come to Nebraska too.

Steve Octavien mentioned to me, some time ago, the name of Keith Eloi. The trouble was that Keith was looking at needing the summer and most likely the fall before being in a position to transfer. Have things changed for Eloi?

"I will most likely have to do summer school and a couple of classes in the fall. My coach has told me that coming out in the fall would be the best thing. That is the best time for recruiting," Eloi said. "That way I can go through the winter and the spring and already know something about the program."

With a former teammate in Lincoln already it is being said that Nebraska is being considered by Eloi or could even lead. "Yes sir, it's true. I am trying to get my stuff done right now and Nebraska is really a high choice for me on the list. I just have to finish my classes. Get my credits done so I can get my degree and then go to Nebraska."

Eloi has played two years at Rainey, so he is out of eligibility. He still has a chance though to be able to transfer in the Winter/Spring next year to a four year school and be in a good position.

"My years of playing here at Rainey are over. I played two years so I still have my redshirt year and that is what I am going to use this year for the fall. I should have two to play two years."

Eloi at 5-foot-10 and 180 pounds is lightning in a jar with his 4.4/40 speed. He didn't have a tremendous yard per reception average, but the touchdown statistic is gaudy. "I had 55 for 704 and 15 touchdowns."

"This year I got everything. I got all-conference, all-region, MVP of my team and I think that I made honorable mention all-American on JCGridwire. I didn't think that I would actually receive all of those because I didn't have a lot of yards, but I guess that the touchdowns made up for that."

It's easy to understand why so many schools are stepping up and contacting Eloi. "I am hearing from Nebraska, Iowa, Kansas, Purdue, Boise State, and North Carolina State. I don't have any offers yet. The coaches are staying in contact me."

"My all-time favorite is always going to be Florida State. I am not really worried about going there anymore. Other schools need Florida talent and I will probably have a better chance to shine and do my thing at a school like Nebraska or Boise State. If I were to go down with a top three right now, I couldn't tell you the three, but Nebraska is number one right now."

Beyond Rainey, Eloi and Octavien have known each other a very long time and are in a unique situation this year. "My and Steve are basically twins. We have been together since we were little. Whatever he feels, I feel. We are totally in-sync with each other."

"While he's been at Nebraska he's called me almost everyday to tell me how great it is there. How the school, the coaches, the town, the players and the work ethic that is there at Nebraska. Everything that he is telling me sounds great and sounds like something that I would like to be part of."

"I will be, in time, making a trip down there to see all of that for myself and make sure it's the right place for me. I have all five officials to take this fall. Nebraska is already on my calendar in pencil to visit. I will probably go there first. I am going to the spring game too to see Steve play and meet some of the players, coaches and stuff like that."

"We have been together since we were in pre-school, but we have played football together since we were in like fifth grade. So since fifth grade we have always been on the same team. This is the first time that we will be apart."

So as good as Nebraska's recruiting season went last year it doesn't seem to be dropping off anytime soon. It appears that the story with Eloi and Nebraska will be something to watch all spring.

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