Huskers tracking big OL at Pasco

Anyone who has seen Leon Jackson knows that he has ability. Ask Leon though about what was the biggest key about his success and he will credit his teammates. One big team mate of his is getting similar attention like Jackson did last year. Could he follow Jackson to Nebraska if he gets the chance?

At 6-foot-6 and 325 pounds, you're going to standout in a crowd. On a football field it is a little bit different. However, if you are as talented as Ryan Tolar you can't hide your talent on the football field. He may be the top player in the state of Washington.

"We don't track any stats for lineman," Tolar said. "I am not sure. I need to go over the film again and count them up. We don't take the time to count pancakes."

He better bring someone to help him because chances are there are going to be a lot of pancakes. Tolar can list two big things on his resume last year without knowing his specific stats though, two running backs that will be going to college to play football.

"I played left tackle last year. We had two running backs sign national letters of intent. We had Leon Jackson (Nebraska) and Tony Colbert (Eastern Washington). He had some choices though to go other places. I think that he could have gone to Washington or Idaho."

Beyond that, his actions were enough for him to need a truck to carry around his honors from this past season. "I was Big Nine Offensive Lineman of the Year in the conference, Pasco's Offensive Lineman of the Year, first team all-conference, all-area, Tacoma News Tribune first team all-state, Seattle Time first team all-state, first team all-state AP and first team all-state by"

Despite the glowing reviews that Leon Jackson may give for Tolar and his work ethic, all of his honors or just his sheer size he has yet to nab his first offer. It doesn't look like he will have a lot of time to waste though before one gets there.

"I don't have any offers yet. I am headed to Washington on January 26, on March 5 I am going to Oregon and for the spring game I will be going to Washington State. The schools that are probably recruiting me the hardest right now are Arizona State and Notre Dame."

Despite being recruited by most of the schools in the PAC 10 and Notre Dame his criteria for his leaders is simple. "Any school recruiting me is a favorite. I watched a lot of college football growing up, but not really one team. I was really more into hockey."

Tolar only made one camp above and beyond the Pasco team camp last year. It's clear that will change this year, but it's still very up in the air. "I went to the Washington State Camp last year. It was a team camp, but I went up as an individual. I was on a team with Jonathon Stewart. It was pretty fun. We have our own team camp that Pasco goes up to Eastern Washington for in the summer."

"I am not really decided on all of it for this summer. I will be going to Oregon for a few days. I will be going to the Nike combine too, but I am not sure which one between Stanford and Oregon."

While people may talk about their strengths in terms of numbers or ability, Tolar can just sum up his strength for playing line with the enjoyment of one part of it. "I like to hit people. That's just my number one deal."

Tolar has been spending the off-season, and will continue to do so, improving his feet, quickness and speed. "My speed and agility is really what I am working on right now. When we are in the weight room I do my lifts and then I work on my footwork. I do a lot of jump rope, boxes and speed ladder work."

While Nebraska didn't come up in his camp plans or even as a school that has been recruiting him the hardest, they are there. Nebraska may be a school that in the coming months might improve their situation with Tolar the greatest after they get some information from Ryan.

"I talked with Coach Wagner on Monday, I called him. I was sitting around with Leon and we called down there and I spoke with him for a little bit. He wants me to send out a highlight film so he can go over it and told me to keep working."

"If Nebraska offered they'd definitely be way up on my list. I like them. As far as distance, I don't really have a problem with it. My family and I don't have a problem with me going away to school. It would be fun if they offered. I'd like that."

Nebraska has a clear need to bring in some high school offensive tackles this year. Last year, this is one area where the class in terms of need may have come up a little short. Given the Nebraska connection to Pasco now through Leon Jackson, Ryan Tolar is in a great situation to get noticed by Nebraska.

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