Nebraska Observes Stellar Texan Prospect

As Nebraska starts to look to the upcoming 2005-2006 class, they are looking for some of the finest athletes in the country. A philosophy that would definitely jive with one junior in particular that already claims an offer from Nebraska amongst other prominent programs throughout the country. What does this athlete offer his future collegiate choice and how has he fared in his current high school ranks?

Sergio Kindle reminds a few folks of one of the newest Nebraska Cornhuskers, Barry Turner.  Kindle stands 6' 3", weighs in at 220 pounds and runs a 4.53 40 yard dash.  His skills serve him well as a runningback and linebacker for Woodrow Wilson High School in Dallas, Texas.  With a 315 pound bench press and a 475 squat, strength is one of Kindle's strengths along with his intensity and love for the game.  Last year, on offense he had 1825 yards on 214 carries (8.5 yards per carry) and 25 touchdowns, while on defense, he had 126 tackles and 8 sacks.  He was named his district's Offensive MVP, an All-Area 1st team RB, All-state honorable mention on both sides of the ball and a Preseason All-American for the upcoming season.

Amongst a bevy of offers are ones from Nebraska, Oklahoma, Texas Tech, Texas A&M, Baylor and Wisconsin.  Kindle currently claims Texas Tech as a slight leader, though he admits that the position for the Red Raiders isn't set in stone.  He plans to attend the University of Texas' Junior Day on the 26th of February to hone his skills.


Kindle wasn't a fan of any particular college growing up, but he's starting to learn a bit about the schools that have begun to court him.  Sergio likes what he's hearing from the Cornhuskers, specifically.  "I like Nebraska, I like their style of offense, they send a lot off players to the league on defense," he said.  Kindle sees Nebraska as a program on the way back to prominence and wouldn't mind helping in that regard.  The Cornhuskers have made sure to let Sergio know that they are interested, as well.  "One of their coaches was up at our school like two weeks ago and I got his card and they sent me a couple of letters.  The last time I got a letter was a week ago, but they didn't start sending their letters until two weeks ago," he said.


Sergio talked a bit about big factors in his eventual decision and he could only really think of one that might have some impact.  "Probably weather because I'm not real good with a lot of cold weather, I can deal with it.  I'm not sure yet because I haven't dealt with it before," said Kindle.  On the topic of official or unofficial visits, Kindle said, "I'm probably gonna take some next year (senior season) but not now."  Sergio discussed some of his goals for the upcoming season, as well.  "One of my goals is to better my stats from this year and at least get the same stats as last year.  Also, we've been to the second round playoffs and lost to the same team two years in a row, so we want to beat Wyle High School," he said.

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