Top OL in the South hearing from Huskers

You had to see it to believe it. There was a 6-foot-4.5 inch offensive tackle that weighed well over 300 pounds who moved quick enough to defend the top DE in one on one drills and be voted best athlete at the U.S. Army All-American combine. It doesn't sound possible, but after seeing it I am here to testify.

Word traveled fast about an offensive tackle that was in San Antonio last month for the Junior All-American Combine. That offensive tackle was Andre Smith. What started out as word moved into a spectacle when he lined up to start of the OL vs. DL one on one drills.

Smith is not your average run of the mill lineman. He is atypical. He's 6-foot-4.5 and 310 pounds and can still cover the 40-yard dash in 4.93 seconds. He benches 365, squats 535 and hang cleans 310.

"I had 110 pancakes last year. We played 11 games and I averaged 10 per game. The lowest grade out I had was an 83% in one game. I had five 100% games," Smith said.

That fantastic season led to a decent record for Smith's team at Birmingham (Ala.) Huffman and some serious honors. "We finished 7-4. I won all-city, all-metro, all-state, all-super-state and I won an award at the U.S. Army All-American game, the super-athlete award."

Smith is already hearing from some of the nation's best teams and has offers from all of the teams in one of the conferences that are considered the nation's best. "Every school in the SEC and a few in the ACC have offered. Georgia Tech and Virginia have offered me from the ACC."

Although Smith is hearing from all of these schools so early in the process it hasn't swayed him in one way or another in terms of his favorites. "I really can't say right now. They are all recruiting me the same. Everyone is sending me the same amount of mail. I don't favor anyone right now. I should know more about that by this summer."

His senior year of camping experiences started out with a bang at the All-American Junior Combine and the super athlete award. "I went to the Auburn and the Troy camps last year. I also went to the offensive line camp at Mountainbrook High. I am going to get with my teammates, probably after the spring practice is over, and decide about this year's camps."

What sets good from great offensive tackles apart is the comfort that they have operating on the "island" on the end of the line. They normally don't get a lot of help and are usually matched up against the best athletes along the defensive line. This plays right into Smith's strengths. "I like being out on the island by myself and I love to drive block."

Smith has a sub-five second 40, but the area that he is planning on improving this year is his feet. "I am going to try and get my feet a lot faster. They are pretty good right now, but there is always room to improve. I am going to work on staying low all of the time and work hard. I am going to work hard and listen to my coach."

While Nebraska hasn't stepped up to offer Smith he has been hearing from Nebraska for a while now and admits that there is no problem with distance when it comes to considering a school like Nebraska.

"Yes sir, I am getting mail from Nebraska. They're a good team. Everyone is on the same level. I really don't have a favorite. No sir, family is not an issue. I have family all over the nation; none in Nebraska that I know of."

Enjoy the video on Andre Smith.

#71 Left Tackle Andre Smith

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