Big Man From The East Eyes Nebraska

In building a solid offense, the main components begin up front with the offensive lineman. Nebraska continues its task from last year in scouring the country for the best, brightest and, in this case, biggest prospects they can find. One in particular from the East Coast has the Huskers intrigued and he's taking the process pretty seriously from the get go.

Carl Johnson is a mountain of a man that rivals the size of the Appalachians.  Standing at 6'6", weighing in at 330 pounds and boasting a 5.1 40 yard dash, Carl anchors the tackle positions for the Southern High School football team.  His strength is coming along quite nicely as he benches 330 pounds, squats 500 pounds and power cleans 330 pounds.  Carl's father is the offensive line coach for Southern High and watched the young man rack up 70 pancakes in his junior season.  He was named All-Area, All-Conference and All-State at his position for the campaign. 


Currently, he is holding offers from a number of schools including Nebraska, Virginia, Oklahoma, Duke, North Carolina and Tennessee.  He claims no favorite at this time and will be attending several camps in the upcoming weeks including the Adidas Camp at Tennessee, the Nike Camp at Georgia and a camp at North Carolina along with a second at Tennessee.  Carl sights his strong points as his desire to never lose, his drive blocking, athletic ability and his ability to both run block and do well in pass protection.


Hailing from Durham, North Carolina, Carl had the opportunity to grow up around several tradition-rich colleges in the ACC and SEC and, indeed, he had a favorite picked out.  "Florida State, but as I got older, I couldn't lean on them because other colleges would say that this kid's going here so I had to look at it more a prospect than a fan," said Johnson.  Despite living deep within the country of the two aforementioned conferences, Carl does possess quite a bit of interest in Nebraska.  "I think it's a good program. Since you've got a new head coach, you've got to get the right amount of players.  They had a great year in recruiting.  Once the players get in the system, they'll be rolling just like they did when they had back to back national championships," said Johnson. 


Nebraska has begun initiating contact with Carl and according to Mr. Johnson, they kept it simple.  "They just sent me the offer, they didn't send me flowers or ask me how I was doing, they just got straight to the point," he said.  Carl mentions that the offer is highly regarded, as well.  "It means a lot, if you look at the history of Nebraska, they were predominantly an option-based team and they need a good offensive line, hopefully it's still that way," he said.  In discussing what factors would be big for Carl in his final decision, he stated, "Traveling, of course, because I want my parents to come see me play and I'm looking at a school that can help me when it comes down to academics," he said.  He also mentioned that tradition is definitely big to him.  Carl plans to study Human Resources Development so that he can become a teacher or a coach.


When it comes down to visits, Carl listed a few places he absolutely wanted to visit.  "Nebraska, Southern Cal so I can visit their campus, Tennessee or Miami.  I've never been to Nebraska, but my dad was talking about it so we're going to take a couple unofficial visits, see how the football atmosphere is there," said Johnson.

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