Junior To Watch Out Of California

The Sunshine State is known for its ability to produce several Division 1-A prospects on a yearly basis. One such prospect is tearing up the ranks from his spot at one of the prominent high schools in the California region. Just who is this dynamite prospect and what kind of numbers did he put up during his junior campaign?

It seems like we're hearing a lot about Mission Viejo High School since USC pulled Mark Sanchez out of there last year.  Nebraska has taken notice of the high school already with the likes of Konrad Reuland and now another prospect has come into the limelight for many schools around the country.  Chane Moline is a RB/FB prospect who stands 6' 2", weighs in at 240 pounds and runs a 4.6 40 yard dash.  He benches 275 pounds, squats 475 pounds and power cleans 250 pounds.  He currently holding a 2.85 GPA and has yet to take an ACT or SAT.


During his junior campaign, he had 1900 yards rushing, 40 touchdowns with an average of about 12 yards per carry.  He was named Offensive Player of the Year for CIF, Orange County Offensive Player of the Year and the Offensive Player of the Year of the South Coast League.  He holds no current offers but claims interest in UCLA, USC, Ohio State, Colorado, Notre Dame and Texas A&M.  His current favorite of that group would be the UCLA Bruins.  He doesn't have any planned camps as of yet and claims his strong points as, "Breaking tackles, good vision and a good feel for the game."


Growing up, Chane didn't watch much college football but grew an affinity for the UCLA Bruins.  That's all well and good, but where does that leave the Nebraska Cornhuskers in his eventual choice?  "I don't know much about them, I don't watch much college football so my options are open," he said.  Curious about the amount of contact Nebraska has given Mr. Moline, he responded, "I think I've gotten a questionnaire from them but I haven't returned anything."  Chane listed "the success of the football team, the location and the graduating rate of football players" as factors which will weigh heavily on his final decision.  In reference to the location aspect, he responded, "It's about the weather, the campus itself, how nice it is."  He doesn't have any visits planned yet but places he absolutely wants to visit are Ohio State, Notre Dame and UCLA.

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