Offers piling up for OL, Aaron Brown

You know how they say that someone is an overnight success? Well, for offensive lineman Aaron Brown, that's not totally accurate. He's been known as a solid prospect for some time now, but more in local circles. Now, everyone is starting to pay attention. It's making Brown one of the hotter line prospects in the country during this early tme of the recruiting year.

Offensive lineman Aaron Brown hasn't been a known commodity for awhile, but that's been changing rather dramatically over the last few weeks. Just yesterday Brown received three more written offers, these coming from Miami (FL), Louisville and Pittsburgh, boosting his total to 14. His father said that the attention towards his son has gotten to such an extent that he's limiting the amount of actual phone-time for Aarson as the glut has gotten to be just that. "It's just so many calls from recruiting services at all times of the day and I just had to say enough was enough." he said.

That kind of attention is not good from the aspect of Aaron trying to stay focused on his other duties in life, but his dad did say that the attention from the schools has been appreciated. "It's been coming so rapidly lately, you wonder why everyone is just all of a sudden getting around to it, but it's good, because I know I have worked with Aaron alot and I know he's worked hard to get where he is."

His father, also a personal trainer has taken hold of Brown's strength and conditioning, speaking proudly of his son's very robust but hardened 6-6, 283 pound frame and he'll say that it's not your typical 283, rather it's "legit". "I know people just say that stuff to get attention," he said. "But, Aaron is a legit 283 and 6 foot, 6 inches tall."

The elder Brown has also learned something about recruiting and that is unless you know of your favorites, don't list any. "Yeah, I know how that goes, because if you have this list and one school isn't on it, they call you and ask you what's up," he said. "So, we are definitely going to keep things totally wide-open right now, but really, that's how they are."

"Aaron is going to go wherever he feels is the right place for him, I don't care where it is. If he likes it, that's what I want and I'll fly wherever the games are."

The currently imposed communication blackout between Aaron and the recruiting media isn't what that his father says will last. But, since he's got a good idea of just how things are going to be when the coaches can join the fray, it's better to try and curtail it as much as possible. "We just don't want it to become a distraction," he said. "With the way the offers have been coming in, it's going to get pretty hectic when coaches can call and visit and all that."

"I know we can't avoid all the reporters and all that, but if we put a limit on it now, I'm hoping that we can prevent this from becoming ridiculous in the future."

"Aaron is still just a kid and I want him to have a kid's life and not have to worry about being by the phone all day. That's my job. He's got to have a chance to just be him and concentrate on more important things."

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