Kyed returns from Lincoln impressed!

It's funny how those little relationships help you. John's head coach at Boulder High has known the head coach at Nebraska, Bill Callahan, for a long time. One second Kyed isn't getting anything from Nebraska and two weeks later he takes an unofficial. The visit, by the way, went fantastic.

John Kyed, the 6-foot-6 and 280 pound offensive tackle from Boulder (Colo.) High, has already returned from Lincoln. The trip was full of things to see and do and went great according to Kyed.

"It was awesome," Kyed said. "They pretty much showed us the whole thing. We got to see the stadium, look around the facilities, see all of the weight room, the training table, the academic center; I guess we just got the whole thing."

Although Kyed saw pretty much all that you could, some things were key to him on this visit. "What really stood out to me was that I know that they are building a new facility out there, but even the old facilities were phenomenal to me. It was really big. What really impressed me was when we stepped out onto the field and the size of the stadium and the whole scale of it for me. It was unbelievable."

Coming from Boulder, Lincoln is actually about twice the size of Boulder so how did the town rate? "It really doesn't matter to me. I was out in Los Angeles earlier and that was as just to cool to me as Lincoln or Boulder. It doesn't matter a whole bunch."

While he was in Lincoln he not only got to see the facilities and the town, but he was able to meet a lot of the staff. "I got to meet with Coach Gilmore. I think that he will be the one that will be recruiting me. I got to meet with Coach Wagner the offensive line coach and Coach Callahan. I got to say hi to a bunch of other people."

"We met one on one with those three coaches and spoke personally with them. My coach had sent a tape already out there and they had looked at it a couple of weeks ago. Coach Wagner and I actually got to talk about it. He said that he liked what I was doing, but he had a couple of suggestions. It was great it was real helpful."

Despite getting a couple of tips to work on already, Kyed is thinking really hard about making it to a camp this summer. "I am (thinking about it). They said that they would like to have me and Coach Wagner said that he would like to get a better feel for me personally. I am definitely interested in coming back this summer. My visit out there really gave me some interest in Nebraska."

The teaching side of the game really impressed Kyed as did having the chance to catch lunch with a couple of the players. "I didn't catch their names. They seemed like great guys. I was talking to one, and I am a real academic guy, and he is a junior and he is carrying a 4.0 right now. That was real cool to see that."

"They talked to me about the Academic All-Americans and I was very impressed with that. I met with the head of academic support, Dennis LeBlanc, and he showed me around."

"It was beautiful weather. It was a little cold in the morning, but it was like 50 degrees all day. I had a full day. I had a complete day. We got to see the whole thing."

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