Nebraska tops for standout LB

As Nebraska looks to fill up the 2005-2006 recruiting class, it appears they will continue the previous year's adage about finding players who can contribute at multiple positions. The Cornhuskers consider an Arizona prospect to be one of the finest athletes available in the upcoming year and he does his damage all over the field. Just who is this amazing prospect?

Cody Dowd's numbers in his junior campaign weren't too shabby.  The 6' 3", 231 pound linebacker from Phoenix, Arizona had 173 in 11 games along with 3 forced fumbles, a fumble recovery, 4 interceptions with one returned for a touchdown and 2 sacks from his Middle linebacker position.  Dowd doesn't just spend his time on one side of the ball, either.  He makes his living as a fullback/H-back and Tight End on offense and also contributes heavily to special teams. 


In speaking with Cody, it appears that right now three schools hold his attention, those being Nebraska, Georgia and Oregon.  That said, one school has a clear lead over everyone else for this prospect: The Cornhuskers.  "They always end up playing well, stadium's always packed, Nebraska's always good year in and year out and I love the program and how it's run," said Dowd.  It's still early in the evaluation period, but Cody likes what he's hearing from Nebraska.  "They just talked about how they think I'm one of the top players in the nation and are looking at me," he said.


When asked about the possibility of visiting Lincoln, Dowd seemed very interested in the idea.  "I would love to go to Nebraska. The new coaches came in and are implementing a new system.  They're losing a lot of good starters, but I would love to have a visit there," he said.  Dowd expresses a unique desire to just be able to play the sport of college football in any capacity.  I just want to play college football, though education's important.  It doesn't matter where I go, East Coast, West Coast, middle, as long as I get my education. It doesn't matter if I get to play early either, just as long as I get to play," he said. 


Right now, Cody wants to visit Nebraska, Georgia and Arizona, though Nebraska is his favorite, far and away. Cody's father has also taken a vested interest in his recruitment.  "My dad doesn't want me to go in state, he wants me to get out of state and be able to grow up away from home," he said.  Nebraska has been sending Cody an array of hand-written letters and though they haven't offered as of yet, one thing has become clear to Dowd about Nebraska, "They're looking forward to my senior season."

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