Is Commit Pondering NU?

It's always nice to get a commitment out of the way, but even when one is made this early, there's always the possibility of checking out a few other schools in the meantime. There's one such commitment who is observing the landscape right now. The University of Nebraska has made a habit out of snagging a few top athletes already committed and looks to do it once again.

One could describe Munir "Primetime" Prince as the metaphorical "lightning in a bottle".  He earned the nickname by setting a record in track in the state of Florida.  Standing at 5' 10", weighing in at 164 pounds and notching a 4.4 40-yard dash, Prince committed to the University of Iowa originally, but make no mistake about it, he wants to find the best place for him and his academic intentions.  "I'm pretty firm, but I'm still looking around, still weighing my options. I'm seeing if anyone comes up with a better option than Iowa," he said.  So where does Nebraska enter into Prince's plans?  "I would say if NU came up with a better offer than Iowa academically, because I'm trying to go into sports medicine as my major, then I would consider Nebraska," he said.


With Nebraska's record setting Spring Game last year, no doubt second year head coach Bill Callahan will try to take advantage of what's sure to be another excellent turnout by bringing in a large contingent of junior recruits.  Will Prince be among them?  "I really haven't talked to my dad about it, but we're going to call the coaches and see if we can schedule something," he said.  Nebraska's own Kevin Cosgrove has made a living recruiting out of the local Missouri area surrounding Prince and the two have even crossed paths before.  "We just spoke just one time but he's a real nice man.  (The relationship) is still in the early stages," said Prince.


When it comes to considering another college besides the University of Iowa, there is one overlying factor that will make or break a considered institution.  "Pretty much it's all about academics with me. I'm just trying to get my degree just in case football doesn't work out," said Prince.  Indeed, the road ahead for Prince and all prospects is a long one, but whomever ends up with Primetime will be a lucky school, indeed

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