Teamer leaves. Others must now step up

Head coach Bill Callahan issued a statement concerning the departure of Junior, Brandon Teamer. Now, the question is, what effect will that have on Nebraska? They return two starters, but is that enough and what chance do the newcomers have now with one of NU's potential star DTs leaving?


Nebraska Head Football Coach Bill Callahan announced on Monday that sophomore defensive tackle Brandon Teamer has left the Husker football program for personal reasons. Teamer will remain in school and pursue his degree at Nebraska.

"Brandon has decided not to continue his football career," Callahan said. "We wish him the best and will continue to support him as he works toward his degree at the University of Nebraska."

The 6-5, 280-pound Teamer made 30 tackles, while playing in 23 games over the past two seasons. He made 17 tackles, including two tackles for loss, in 10 games during the 2004 season.


Since the arrival of Brandon Teamer, the question hasn't been about what he was going to do, but when he was going to do it. Shining at times during his sporadic time as a freshman, Husker fans got to see just a glimpse of what was in store.

Perhaps his best effort came against Texas, Teamer's exploiuts amongst the only highlight in a game where Nebraska was trounced by the Horns, 31-7.

That brief glimpse was just what it was, however, Teamer's career up to this point being marred by injuries, limiting his time and effectiveness when he did get a chance to play.

His loss will hurt the Huskers. While the starting line up was serviceable, Nebraska didn't have a true playmaker at the interior position, someone that demanded the double-team, freeing up either of the rush ends in consistent one-on-one situations.

Now, the pressure not only falls on starters Le Kevin Smith and Titus Adams to be better than last year, but to newcomers and junior college transfers already on campus, Ola Dagunduro and Barry Cryer.

The fact that both are already on campus is a huge bonus for John Blake as he tries to seal up some spots on the outside, but figure out a formula across the defensive front that can be more effective in getting some consistent pressure on the quarterback this year.

Last year's unit actually totaled more sacks and tackles for loss from the defensive line, not counting linebackers rushing the edge from the down-position, but the Husker defense as a whole gave up almost 100 yards more per game in passing, this coming against a secondary that except for Patt Ricketts, was totally intact from last year's nation-leading pass efficiency defense.

Some of the responsibility will go to the new coaching and new schemes, but much of it fell on the shoulders of a defensive line that couldn't get an effective pass rush against the teams more capable of beating them through the air.

Dagunduro and his size would seemingly give you an automatic run-stopper up the middle and Cryer is noted for his headiness at the line, being able to read run vs pass very effectively. And, of course, we can't forget about Ndamukong Suh, but Suh is such that he could play DT, DE or even on the offensive line if needed.

Le Kevin Smith not going to the NFL was big for Nebraska as they couldn't afford to lose his experience and ability to at least seal up that defensive interior, but Teamer is going to be sorely missed, if not for what he's done, but for what his potential was down the road.

This Spring is going to tell a lot about just who ends up where at a position that while seemingly solid at the starting spots, could end up in flux before it's all said and done.

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